5 reasons why you should invest in the perfect curtain or blind

At Stitched we recognise how a well-made blind or pair of curtains can transform a space but we also know that they can do a lot more besides.
Here are 5 ways in which they can work their magic….

They can offer the right level of privacy during the day as well as at night

Most of us want to be able to close our curtains or blinds at night but if you want to ensure you’re not overlooked during the day, a blind in one of our sheer fabrics is the answer. Beautiful to look at, you’ll be able to see out even if nobody can look in.

They can perfectly frame a view

The right blinds or curtains will enhance what you see through the window. Equally, they can perform the useful job of distracting from a less attractive view. The fabric and style you choose will lead your eyes to focus either on the view outside or on the curtains or blinds themselves.

They can help you sleep

Does your bedroom get the morning sun? A bedroom that is East facing may be a little too bright in the morning (particularly in the summer). This is where our blackout lining and interlining comes into its own. Often considered essential in a child’s bedroom, curtains or blinds with some form of blackout will ensure you (and your alarm clock) have all the control over when you wake up.

They can help insulate your home

Older properties in particular can have very draughty windows and single glazed sash windows are notoriously poor insulators. A well-made pair of curtains (especially those made from wool-based fabrics like Wool or Flax) will act as a very effective draught excluder, making a room feel cosier and cutting down significantly on heating bills.

They can quieten down your home

What are the acoustics like in your room? Rooms with hard flooring or lots of hard surfaces can be echoey and feel a little sterile. Curtains with soft folds can be very effective at dampening down noise and making a room feel far more welcoming.

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