Bespoke curtain poles

We offer an inspiring range of wooden and metal made to measure curtain poles that will bring your curtains to life. All are handcrafted in Devon.


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Better fabrics
Our fabrics are recycled, Earth friendly and leave zero landfill.
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Lovingly handmade in Merseyside.
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Your style. Your design. Your choice.
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Nationwide installation and free delivery.

Our Poles

A pole is a popular choice as it can be quite a statement piece. Stitched poles come in both metal and wood. They are available in a range of colours, there’s something for everyone. You can add as many rings as you like, we recommend a ring every 10 cms or so!

Don’t forget to consider how heavy your curtain will be. Heavier curtains (usually the thicker interlined type) will need a wider pole to hold the weight. Need help? Get in touch on web chat, our team should be able to point you in the right direction.

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We’re excited to help you create a home that feels a bit more “you”

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All our curtains are made to measure and made in UK.

The Stitched Measuring Guide

Measuring made easy... Simply follow the Stitched measuring guide to quickly and accurately measure your windows, so you can get onto the fun part – designing your perfect curtains + blinds.

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We’re excited to help you create a home that feels a bit more “you”

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Zero landfill. Earth friendly. Recycled.

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