Espacio by Adriana Jaros

Morning Dust

1 Colour available


Per metre

Small curtains (117 x 140)

Medium curtains (170 x 230)

About the fabric

Milled / woven in



Morning Dust

‘Espacio’ was inspired by the home of Catalan Sculptor Xavier Coberó in the outskirts of Barcelona.

With its arches and inside-outside like spaces, Coberó’s home has the feeling of a kaleidoscopic labyrinth. His home is incredibly intricate and has remained authentic, unique and relevant throughout the years. In his own words: ‘a place in which the mental space – not the real one – is what matters’. Interior spaces are incredibly transforming in our lives and wellbeing.

This design was developed with minimal shapes and colours that can stand the test of time and stay relevant. A brutalist vision for an interior application that aims to elevate any space. Adriana’s work is often inspired by architecture: the textures, the qualities and the way it transforms a landscape to create a sense of belonging. In particular, Bauhaus has been a very important reference and movement for her, instilling purpose and functionality as well as providing a very defined aesthetic.

Patterned fabric
Patterned fabric