Before arriving:

(1) Bring all the tools you might need: In addition to your drill, drill bits, tape measure, spirit level etc., please also bring with you a ladder, hack saw (for resizing curtain poles), a palette knife, poly-filla and spare screws. In our experience, the customer will not have spares
(2) Check with the customer: whether their curtains and blinds have arrived, there are any parking restrictions or access issues

Upon arrival:

(3) Shoes: Always offer to take off your shoes, your customers will appreciate you asking
(4) Opening the curtains and blinds packaging: Take the curtains and blinds out of their boxes. They will be wrapped in protective clear plastic wrapping. Do not remove the clear plastic wrapping until you have washed your hands – curtain and blind fabrics mark easily (it can be very expensive to remove stains). Open the protective plastic packaging with your hands, if you need to use a knife be very careful not to cut the curtains or blinds. Lay the curtains and blinds on a clean surface.


(5) Check components: Make sure that you have all of the components that you need to complete the installation.
(6) Where to install: Double check with the customer how they would like their curtains or blinds to be fitted (installation height, side of chain etc.). Some of this detail will be included on their email confirmation AND the Plentific job description but please double check
(7) Curtains and blinds: make sure you lay the curtains and blinds down on a clean surface, alternatively you can put them back in their plastic packaging to make sure they stay clean. Make sure you wash your hands each time before picking up the customers new curtains and blinds
(8) Condition of walls: Check the condition of the walls on which you are installing all curtain rail and blind brackets. Do not start the job unless you are confident that you will be able to safely install the curtains or blinds. IF you have any concerns about the condition of the walls (e.g. weak or old plaster), please explain any issues to the customer
(9) Making good: if you drill additional holes or cause damage to the walls as part of the installation process, make sure you fill all holes and repair any minor damage before you leave
(10) Tidying up: Please clean up all mess created by the installation (sweep or vacuum and wipe down surfaces). Remove all packaging from the customer’s house and place by the bins outside the house.

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