A Warm Welcome to The Sleep Collection

We love summer time as much as the next person. Brighter evenings give us much more energy and we are here for it. No matter the season however, if you’re like some of us at Stitched, we love our sleep. No one likes pesky light sneaking into our bedrooms early in the mornings and later at night, interrupting our beloved snoozes.

We’re not alone in this love affair - the average person sleeps for 26 years of their life and spends a further 7 hours trying to get to sleep. With our new Sleep Collection, light creeping in behind the curtains will no longer be one of the things keeping you awake.

Behold! Our wonderfully affordable 100% soft cotton blackout fabric. The superhero of sleep-seekers! Inspired by the calming scents and colours of essential oils, this collection of 10 gorgeous fabrics are blackout ready, without the need to line them. There are so many benefits to this, here are just a few:

More cost effective

Without the need to add blackout lining, choosing one of the Sleep Collection fabrics for your curtains or blinds will save you money.

More versatile

Less bulk means that you can get made to measure blinds of your choice, including Roman blinds. While we do indeed already have a Blackout Blind collection we are thrilled to offer even more choice. Perfect for smaller windows and rooms that you don’t want to be swamped with our heavier blackout lined curtains.

More attractive

While we know it’s what’s inside that counts, and looks are only skin deep, you get the most of both worlds with The Sleep Collection. They look just as good on the outside as the sustainably sourced cotton they are made from.

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So now that we have created this magic fabric, where can you use it? The simple answer is everywhere! Bedrooms, sitting rooms, playrooms… the list goes on. Night shift workers, kiddies at nap time, adults at nap time (oh, don’t judge us, it’s been a long year!) everyone will love their new, uninterrupted shut-eye. And with calming names like Calm White and Peppermint, we can feel our eyes drooping already.

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The Sleep Collection is not just for sleeping. Create the perfect movie environment in your tv room with blackout curtains. You pop the corn, we’ll get the curtains sorted!

Or what about a home spa? Cocoon yourself on a rainy afternoon, light some candles, put on your favourite plinky plonky music and slather on that facemask. Heaven. There are so many options, you’ll wonder how you lived without your gorgeous, perfectly fitting blackout curtains or blinds for this long.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t deprive yourself and your family of sleep any longer, contact us now to get the ball rolling.

Liking the sound of Sleep?

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