All the Trimmings

Pure simplicity is how we usually roll as nothing looks as elegant as straight hung curtains. We do, however, appreciate all the accessories that may be required to elevate your windows whatever the practical reason or for that touch of pizazz.

Many people turn to fabric suppliers or trimming specialists when accessorising their made to measure curtains or blinds. There are a plethora of trims out there where colours and styles vary. They are a sophisticated way to bring in pattern, texture and colour to your made to measure blinds and curtains.

Lead your edge

Using trim to lead the edge of your curtains can bring a new element to the space. It can tie other colours from the room into your window treatments and can be created at different thicknesses depending on your look. If it’s a plain colour you’re after, we should be able to recreate this look by using a different fabric instead of a tape.

Trim your blinds

This black tape has been used in making these roman blinds. If you look carefully, they follow the inner line of the architrave of the window and draw your attention to the blinds by the use of the bold monochromatic colours amongst the pretty pink backdrop.

Change Direction

Using a tape at the bottom of your curtains looks sharp and striking. It sends a clear ‘I’m opened’ or ‘I’m closed’ message. It’s also a more paired back and contemporary style of trimming your blinds…A ‘Less is more’ vibe.

Pick your design

A patterned tape is a more subtle approach to adding layers to a scheme as the proportion of pattern to plain fabric is small but still packs a punch.

Change it up

Rick Rack and frayed trimmings add texture and a layered approach. By using two of the same sizes of one trim, you can create a designed effect that is a whole lot of fun! This wavy trim called Rick Rack brings movement to most windows however you use it.

Taking the traditional approach

Tassels and tiebacks are a little more old-school but a great way to add glamour to luscious velvet drapes or paired-back linen curtains. You could even go the whole hog and use a fringe at the bottom and a tassel tie to hold the curtains back.

Tie them back

Some windows require a little extra TLC and ingenuity, especially if they are positioned obscurely or are set in a slanted wall. Tiebacks hold them into to place when the curtains are opened. Plain tiebacks made of the same fabric as the curtains are a wonderfully discrete option however rope tiebacks look lovely too. Metal tiebacks that attach to the wall are so simple to use. Depending on how bold you’d like to go, they can be treated like jewellery to hold your curtains into place for different levels of intricacy and finishes.

Need more inspiration?

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