Why choose Eyelet Curtains?

Thinking about having Eyelet curtains? Here’s all you need to know about them!

close up navy blue eyelet curtains

Perfect for a modern style

Larger folds with a natural wave give your eyelet curtains a more uniform, streamlined look. So if you’re into simpler, crisp finishes, an eyelet curtain heading is the perfect way to create a modern look and feel.

Easy to install

The beauty of Eyelet curtains is that they’ll arrive all set up for you to simply hang. No hooks, rings, or strings to be gathered.

More affordable

Eyelet curtains are more affordable as curtain headers go. Why? With no pleats and just simple natural waves from the way the curtain hangs, less fabric is needed for the desired look, saving you some money for a fancier pole perhaps?

Let more light in

Given they use less fabric, Eyelet curtains have less stack back. This means that when you draw them open, they take up less space than a pleated curtain would, maximising the amount of natural light you can let in your room.