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Curtains as Canopies

The importance of sleep is often underrated, especially as we spend over a third of our lives lying horizontally. Getting a good night’s sleep will ensure we have had sufficient rest to feel rejuvenated for a fulfilling day ahead. One of the best investments you can make to ensure you get enough REM is a bed that you feel comfortable in. If you are looking for ways to elevate your bedroom, here are a few tips to take your bed to the next level of luxe.

Post it...

If you have space and height, four-posters or canopy beds can be an investment that never seems to go out of style. They don’t usually have upholstered headboards so softening them with made to measure curtains adds a touch of luxury to the room. Sheer linen gives a lovely minimalistic look and if you let your mind wander, you could even dream of safaris on the African Savannah or a tropical holiday.

white sheer canopy bed white curtain canopy bed white bedroom curtain canopy

Hang it...

If you’ve already got a bed and it’s in good shape, custom curtain poles and curtains will do just the trick. You can replicate the look by hanging the curtains poles from the ceiling which allows you to have complete control of how high and wide you’d like them. Design them to your desired shape with your perfect finish. Layering sheer and solid curtains on double poles will give a romantic, designer look.

Half it...

Canopy’s don’t need to surround the entire bed. You can have a smaller feature that embraces your headboard to give that feeling of protection. The poles can also be placed at the height of your choice whilst giving more drama and grandeur to your bedroom - - - it’s also half the cost of a full canopy!

striped curtain canopy kids bedroom grey canopy over bed

Swoop it...

Hanging horizontal poles above the bed and then draping the fabric over the poles allows the fabric to shine differently. It’s up to you to decide how much swoop you’d like which will vary on how low the canopy will be above the bed. Adding a little trim to the edges gives a more polished and finished look.

Tent it...

When placing single beds horizontally against a wall, they often look better with a tented canopy; as if the bed has been perfectly placed. When a bed is placed in a larger room, having a three-sided headboard can encourage the bed to be used as a sofa or daybed when not used at night. If you are trying to make the best use of a smaller bedroom, the tented canopy will make anyone think that room is designed to be as small as it is. You may be short on space but certainly not on style.

red canopy nursery playroom white canopy over bed bedroom

Cocoon it…

Most children I know dream of bunk beds. They allow kids to be together but far enough apart to avoid night-time antics. Creating a cabin bunk can have a strong visual impact, especially when you have a pair of made to measure curtains to enclose the space. By adding a blackout lining you can ensure a cocooned experience.

Drape it...

Curtains (otherwise known as drapes) work wonders as partitions. They have great potential in enclosing a bed in a nook for a perfectly darkened experience at night and a light and breezy experience during the day. By selecting a curtain in the same colour as your walls, you can create a holistic and streamlined soft space.

All our curtain poles are custom made - - - check out the full range here. There are so many bed treatment styles to choose from with an array of fabrics in the most wonderful colours and textures. How are you going to elevate your bedroom?

green yellow curtains bunk bed yellow curtains bed in corner bedroom

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