Does my room look big in this? Using Stripes to Accentuate your Home

We’ve all been there, looking at striped fabrics and hearing some fashionista far back in your subconscious saying, “are you sure, stripes can be sooooo unforgiving?!” This time, we are 100% sure of our stripey choice because our new striped range is sooooooooo forgiving. We are really excited to have teamed up with Ian Mankin, offering Stitched customers a choice of two stunning striped fabrics, in a range of gorgeous colours. Click here to view our new Ian Mankin Ticking 01 and Angus Stripe.

It can be daunting to bring pattern into a decorative scheme so we’ve come up with some top tips to help.

Up or Over?

Horizontal stripes draw the eye from floor to ceiling, thereby making your room feel higher than it is, adding a sense of grandeur to even the lowest of ceilings. Perfect in attic rooms, team it with a made to measure blind on smaller roof windows.

Vertical stripes are your best friend if you have a small or narrow room. The effect of having stripes running across the room like this makes it look wider than it is. This is a perfect, fun way to liven up kid’s rooms.

Still not sure? Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, book a video call with one of our experts.

Start small

We always recommend easing yourself into these things, particularly if you are unsure about your commitment to stripes. Start by adding some striped throw cushions, or if you’re a bit braver, reupholster your armchairs or the sofa. Just be careful you don’t go overboard and continue adding to the stripes, nobody wants to live in the middle of a herd of zebras!

Have fun

The worst thing to do is to overthink it and spend hours googling images of what your design might look like. Forget about the rules and enjoy the process of putting your individual stamp on your home! Simply take a look at our gorgeous fabrics, order some samples and make your decision based on what you like, not what you think it should look like. Click here to order your samples.

Don’t worry about wonky eyes!

Stripes can be hard on the eyes, we know this. But the clever people at Ian Mankin know this too. They dye the yarns that they use to create the tight weave in their stunning Ticking 01 collection. This means it’s not printed, like many fabrics are, creating a much softer effect and no strained eyes!

What’s the difference between the fabrics?

It can be hard to know which fabric is right for you. Ticking 01 is a durable, tightly woven fabric that can be used not only in made to measure curtains but is also robust enough to reupholster furniture, while remaining soft enough to use in soft furnishings. Sounds like the dream fabric, right?!

Not to be forgotten, the Angus Stripe is a very laid back, chill fabric which will fit into practically any existing decor scheme. Made from 100% linen, Angus hangs beautifully, creating movement with it. We love the breezy beach vibes it gives us. Download our App to see how amazing your windows will look in our fabrics.

Need more inspiration?

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