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New Year, Less Pressure

There’s normally a lot of pressure associated with the New Year. We convince ourselves that this coming year is the year we get super fit, travel more, read more, drink less, eat healthier, declutter the house, finally hang those pictures that have been sitting on the floor for years… We sign up to gyms, we throw away the dregs of chocolate, we make lists and lists of promises to ourselves… but this year, all that has changed. We’re not one for trends at Stitched, but less pressure in the new year is one we can get onboard with!

For the first time in our generation’s history, the pressure is on for 2021 and beyond to be better, not us as individuals. We have embraced so much change over the last few years that any New Year’s resolutions from now on will be a walk in the park! We’ve decided that instead of making empty promises to ourselves in the New Year, we’re going to look at the positives and celebrate those instead.

We’ve saved money. With our social lives going out the window, a real bonus is that we have saved more than we normally would. Why not treat yourself to something you’ve been lusting after? After all, some good has to come out of all this, why not let it be a new phone, pair of shoes or a room makeover? What better way to start a new year than in a freshly decorated space? Check out our range of made to measure curtains and made to measure blinds to get started on your project.

We’re actually looking forward to going to the gym. After months of online fitness classes, we look forward to when everything can safely open. We’ll be skipping to our next yoga class, where we won’t have to pause to break up a fight between the kids, or constantly push our pets away from us. Fun as it can be, we’re over it!

We’re even more tech savvy. Who would have thought it would be possible but now even granny’s art classes have moved online?! With people all over the world switching to online, from work and school to shopping, pub quiz to dinner dates, we have all had to learn about new platforms, new ways of communicating and new ways of getting on with our lives. At Stitched, we launched our new AR (augmented reality) App so you can choose and order your new curtains from the comfort and safety of your own home. Download the app here.

stitched app curtains AR stitched curtains app AR

We have new hobbies. 2020 was certainly the year of the new hobby! Puzzles, knitting, baking, pilates, we have added new activities to our agendas like never before! If this shows us anything, it’s that we’re adaptable and open to new things.

Find joy in the little things. Possibly the best thing of all is that we are all now much more grateful for the little things. The simple joy of seeing a friend for a walk, reading a book in the garden or having a delicious coffee from our favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, we are much more easily pleased than we were in 2019, that’s for sure!

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