Shutters vs Blinds

If you’re looking to dress your windows with something that covers just the window or doesn’t hide a radiator, maybe you’re considering blinds or shutters. Not sure which one to go for? Learn more about each to help you decide.

globe on shelf next to white shutters globe on shelf next to white shutters
blinds rolled down

All about blinds

A little information about us – we do both made to measure roller blinds and roman blinds. Roller blinds provide privacy. Think of them as the modern day net curtain but sleeker. Roman blinds fold with pleats as you pull them up making them a neat way to obtain blackout and dress your windows with a splash of colour at the same time. So now you know about the different types of blinds, how do they compare to shutters?

  • Blinds can be hung inside or outside a recess depending on your window type and whether you have a sill or not.
  • The take up very little space, providing a simple and effective way to dress your windows.
  • You can get both privacy blinds that allow light in during the day and blackout blinds that add colour and provide blackout for your room. Basically, you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Blinds are easy to open and close even if you have furniture in the area below your windows.
  • They provide a modern yet softer look than shutters.
Bedroom with open white shutters

All about shutters

We don’t do these, but if we did, they’d be as eco-friendly as our curtains and blinds!

  • Shutters are attached to the window frame making them very sturdy – having said that, they can be heavy for some window styles.
  • They’re great at insulating your home and are very durable.
  • Because of the above, they tend to be more expensive than blinds.
  • Shutters provide great privacy when closed and slats allow for filtering level of light through.
  • To maximize the light into the room, they need to be fully open, which can compromise on space and privacy.
  • They provide a modern look that can blend in with your window frames or in some cases be colour matched to your walls, depending on who you choose.

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