We love pooling

No, we don’t mean lounging about in a swimming pool (although we love that too), we mean the amount of fabric at the bottom of your curtains at floor level. Stitched offer 3 styles of pooling. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a couple of centimetres will make…

Just Touching

Great for a clean, modern look. As the name suggests, curtains will be just touching the floor. This style suits new builds, and can often be found in offices as they are easy to clean around.

Normal Pooling

An additional 5 cm of fabric is added to your curtain height, to give a classic look whilst adding a bit of warmth and character to your room. One of the reasons that we love pooling is that it can conceal a wonky floor, common in older houses. If the curtain is blackout, even better! The additional bit of fabric at the bottom of the curtain will help keep the light out.

Generous Pooling

12 cms are added to your curtain, but that’s not all that is added… luxury, opulence and a dramatic, designer feel are added too. It brings colour deep into your room, whilst hiding any wonky floors. We just love generous pooling.


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