Eco Partners: Clothes Doctor X Stitched

Embracing style and sustainability in your wardrobe as well as your home.

Whilst we love inspiring you with style for your home, another thing we are passionate about here at Stitched is sustainability. We strive to breathe it into all aspects of our lives, so we partner with like-minded, environmentally conscious brands to help you embrace sustainability.

Introducing... Clothes Doctor!

Clothes Doctor rework and repair your wardrobe so you can get the most out of the garments you love. Whether you need tailoring, repairing, restoring, or you want to customise for your own style, their super-convenient service is second to none. We spoke to the Clothes Doctor team about their inspiration and their top tips to embrace their business ethos ‘Rework. Repair. Rewear.’

Hello! Can you tell us about the idea behind Clothes Doctor?

Well, many of us spend a great deal of time and energy on investing in a wardrobe that we love; that’s true to our style and makes us feel great. Unfortunately, within that wardrobe, there are usually heaps of garments that get abandoned that seem too much hassle to fix. At Clothes Doctor, we simply encourage people to keep their garments alive and loved, and by default, we will all be less likely to throw items away and contribute to even more landfill.

Why is your message so important?

The textile industry is the second largest global polluter after the oil industry. This is because of the rise of throwaway fashion and the lack of care we now take over our clothes. However, there is hope and we are starting to see more and more people interested in helping to turn things around and therefore we just want to be part of this wider message about making the industry more sustainable.

We completely agree! Now can you tell us what is unique about Clothes Doctor?

We are different from your traditional high-street seamstress, in that we are an online portal designed for the hectic, digital twenty-first century. In London, our customers enjoy a collection straight from the door. Outside of London, we have super-convenient local drop off points and delivery straight back to your door. All of our prices are transparent, and we even offer facetime consultations with the seamstress that will be working on your garment, should you wish to discuss something intricate.

A final word?

Like our friends at Stitched, we have had eco-friendly sewn into our brand DNA since day one. It’s fantastic to be eco-partners and we are pleased to offer all Stitched customers £10 off orders over £50. Simply use the promo code ‘STITCH10’ at checkout and your discount will be applied.

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