The Magic of Velvet.

With a history dating back thousands of years, velvet has long been synonymous with luxury.

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Originally woven from prized silk and notoriously difficult to produce, this fabric has been a symbol of wealth for hundreds of years. Fortunately for us all, manufacturing processes have improved and velvet is now available in a variety of materials. Our super smooth velvet is made from 100% cotton.

Velvet has become the fabric of choice in interiors with a wide range of applications. Sofas, chairs and cushions are increasingly affordable, and more recently, velvet lampshades, lamp bases and other accessories have been added to the list.

But velvet is perhaps at its best when simply draped, allowing its beauty to shine through. What better choice for your curtains and blinds?

Velvet has a three-dimensional quality like no other fabric, with a raised pile separate from the ground cloth. It means that the way light catches it can radically change its appearance, affecting the intensity of the colour and creating shimmer and shadow.

Any good interior designer will tell you that the key to creating drama and interest in a space is through the interplay of light and shade. Velvet does this in spades with the pile simultaneously absorbing light and bouncing it around a room. The perfect fabric to frame a window and make a statement.

"You can't go wrong"

A velvet blind or pair of curtains work equally well in contemporary or traditional homes, lending a sense of luxury to a room and complementing fabrics used elsewhere. Essentially, you can’t go wrong - the only difficulty is in choosing the right colour for your space.

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