10 things to do with Stitched fabric

With Christmas fast approaching, we have come up with a few crafty ideas of things to do with Stitched fabric. Whether you’ve simply got the time to turn your hand to something creative or your looking to make a gift for a family or friend, check out our list of ideas to get you started..

Stitched Fabric Stitched Fabric

1. Furoshiki - Japanese gift wrapping

A beautifully presented gift adds to the experience of giving and receiving and even more so when the wrapping is part of the present itself.

2. Reusable decorations

Add a personalised touch and take the time to make your own decorations that can be used year after year.

3. Tote bags

Help cut plastic consumption, save 5p and do it all in Stitched style.

4. Lampshades

Can’t find the perfect lampshade, let us help you find the right fabric and you can make your own! Playful or plain, we’ve got you covered.

5. Upholstery

Found the perfect sofa or footstool but its not in the right fabric? Or maybe you want to jazz up a headboard… Choose your own fabric and opt to re-upholster it in a style you’ll be happy to live with for years to come.

6. Tablecloths and napkins

Dress your table from bare to bold and everything in between. Choosing your own fabric means your tablescape possibilities are endless..

7. Throws

Choose your favourite Stitched fabric and make a throw to match your own unique style.

8. Bean bags

Perfect for both adults and children, a cosy bean chair is an easy addition to any room.

9. Storage Pouch

A useful everyday item that is perfect for storing your makeup on the move or loose pens. Add a zip, choose you’re size and your good to go.

10. Lavender bags

Great stocking fillers that keep your drawers smelling beautiful all year round.

Furoshiki - Japanese gift wrapping
Luke Edward Hall Tote Bag
Chair and footstool

Do you need help?

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get creative this Christmas! If you need help choosing the perfect fabric, just get in touch and the Stitched team would be more than happy to help.