Tracks vs Poles

To hang your curtain with a track or with a pole… which is better?

Pole Pole

Well, essentially, both are used for the same purpose, but there are some styles of curtains that sit better on a track than a pole and visa versa (you couldn’t put an eyelet on a track, for example!) We’ve put together a short guide on poles vs. tracks - but if you have any questions, why don’t you ping our Customer Service team a message on Web Chat!


Stitched tracks come in three colours (white, ash and slate) and are all made in the UK. They are made from metal not only because this is more sustainable (we aren’t into plastic you see!), but also so you get a more premium look. On a track, rather than hanging your curtains from rings, they are hung from gliders which means that the curtain moves effortlessly up and down the track. Curtain tracks are often chosen as they are more subtle than a pole, and they can be hung directly from a ceiling (meaning no complicated brackets) or from the wall.

Note - if you are hanging your track directly from the ceiling, you’ll need to keep in mind that you will be adding 5 cms extra to the curtain drop (as this the track hangs down 5cm). Unless you fancy some additional pooling, we suggest you take 5 cm off the final measurement



If you are looking for a pole, they come in either metal, or wood. They are available in a range of colours, there’s something for everyone. A pole is a popular choice as it can be quite a statement piece. You can add as many rings as you like, we recommend a ring every 10 cms or so- if you have a pencil pleat heading you will need additional rings to achieve a more gathered look.

Don’t forget to consider how heavy your curtain will be. Heavier curtains (usually the thicker interlined type) will need a wider pole to hold the weight. It’s also important to check what material your wall is made from before you start drilling. Will the wall hold the weight too? If you’re not sure, we would recommend seeking guidance from a trusted fitter or you can ping the Customer Service team a message over web chat, and they should be able to put you in the right direction.


Need some help deciding?

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