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How much do made to measure curtains cost?

Our made to measure curtains and made to measure blinds are made from quality, sustainable fabrics and are handmade in the UK. This means our made to measure curtains may be slightly more expensive than high street ready-made options, but the difference in quality is clear. We want to be transparent about our products and pricing so you can be sure you’re paying a fair price for quality, ethical production and personalised designs.

Being Fair

Are made to measure curtains expensive? Generally, made to measure curtains and blinds are more expensive than high street options. Choosing made to measure means your window apparel is more personalised to you and fits your window perfectly - - - something you can’t get with ready made. Our focus is on quality and craftsmanship so we charge a fair price that accurately reflects what we do. We consistently work to achieve a sustainable and traceable supply chain, with minimal carbon footprint. We create your hand-picked designs and fairly price every step of the process.

Being Transparent

We want you to feel proud of the quality, origin and heritage of your curtains and blinds. So you can see where your fabrics are from, what they are made of, where in the UK your window apparel is made and the impact your chosen fabric has on our planet. This way you’ll know the complete journey of your curtains and blinds and can be proud of your finished design. Read about our story to learn more about why we choose to work with UK suppliers and makers and why our founder started Stitched back in 2018.

The Stitched Process

Doing Better

Our local network of UK sewistas, who come from family run businesses, mean your designs are locally and ethically sourced and made. We choose them for their social and environmental standing working to B Corp standards in supply chain transparency. There is no factory production line here, just passionate sewistas hemming and stitching. Once the hemming and stitching is done, your designs are sent to you in FSC accredited packaging.

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Our fabrics are curated for their eco-conscious standards and the quality of the materials used to mill them. We have created a range of over 300 eco-conscious fabrics so you can truly find the perfect match. Our mills based in Yorkshire and Lancashire create fabrics that are 100% natural or recycled. Every fabric is different in touch, in feel and in fibres so, some materials cost more than others - - - check out our fabric chart for our eco ratings.


The heading you choose will use different amounts of fabric and take more or less time to cut, pin and sew which can affect the end price. Wave, pencil and eyelet headings require two times more fabric than the final width measurement, whereas double pleat, triple pleat, cartridge and goblet headings require 2.5 times more. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with the team or take a look at our heading guide to find the right one for your style.

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Customised curtains and blinds are just that, customised to your wants and needs. Blackout, thermal or even unlined - - - buying with us means you can have exactly what you want, so the price you pay reflects that. Interlining is very labour-intensive so is a little more expensive than standard lining. A thick, padded lining is stitched between your fabric and the cotton lining before your curtains are made. Our lining guide outlines the difference between each option and where they will work best.

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For a more economical solution, roller blinds offer some privacy with our sheer rollers or complete privacy with our blackout lined styles. Or for more choice and a splash of colour, roman blinds give you an opportunity to add warmth to your room and a sleek look to your windows. You can choose from all our fabrics for your roman blinds, you can even choose to add linings for warmth or sunblock.

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