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motorised living room curtains

Motorised Curtains + Blinds

Motorised curtains and blinds have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their convenience and ease of use. With the rise of smart homes and automation, more and more homeowners are opting for motorised curtains and blinds that can be controlled remotely using a phone or remote control.

With Stitched, there’s no need to compromise on style with your motorised window apparel. Choose from over 300 eco-conscious fabrics to find the perfect colour match for your windows. Shop our range of made to measure motorised blinds and made to measure motorised curtains.

Motorised curtains and blinds are an excellent option for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of convenience to their home. With just a push of a button or a tap on your phone, you can open or close your curtains and blinds without ever having to leave the comfort of your seat or even your bed! Just simply hit a button to open up and let the morning sun in! This is particularly useful for hard-to-reach windows or for people who may struggle to open curtains and blinds by hand.

Electrically operated curtains and blinds are powered by a small motor that is discreetly installed within the curtain or blind itself. This motor is connected to a power source and can be controlled remotely using a variety of methods. With Stitched, you can control your curtains and blinds using a remote or your phone.

motorised living room curtains motorised bedroom blinds

Why choose motorised curtains and blinds?

x Convenience to remotely open and close curtains and blinds without ever having to leave your seat

x A range of options to best suit you - - - from standard remote control to your smartphone

x Control the amount of natural light filtering in through your windows - - - choose from blackout or sheer fabrics to work with your motorised window apparel

x No compromise on style over functionality - - - with Stitched choose from over 300 eco-conscious fabrics

The flexibility motorised curtains and blinds offer is why most of our customers choose to add on motorisation when creating their bespoke window apparel. With a simple push of a button you can let in more light, create privacy or block out the sun completely. Motorised curtains and blinds make it easy to achieve the perfect level of light and shade in any room, at any time.

Somfy allows you to motorise curtains and binds in your home via smart control, phone or even voice control. Images supplied by Somfy.

Shop our range of motorised curtains + blinds

All of our fabrics can be made into motorised curtains or blinds, so you can have functionality and style!