Our Eco Fabrics

We have carefully selected a range of 300+ sustainable fabrics, each with its own colour, texture and eco story. All available in made to measure curtains + blinds in every lining type. We call our fabrics “feel good fabrics” because not only do they look great, they have a neutral impact on the environment.

We care about our planet. Less waste and more responsible materials. Feel good about your curtains + blinds with naturally beautiful fabrics milled in the UK.


Stitched Eco Sustainable Curtain Fabrics Stitched Eco Sustainable Curtain Fabrics

Fabric Collections

Stitched Sleep Blackout Curtains

Inspired by the smells, feelings and colours found in essential oils and night time comforts, this comfy cotton turns daytime into night.

cotton curtains

Made from 100% Recycled Cotton, a relaxed, soft, subtle and lightweight fabric that makes the perfect drape.

Stitched Cotton Twill Sustainable Curtains

Cotton Twill is a super soft brushed fabric with an old school feel. It’s durable yet homely and offered in a variety of classic colours making it the perfect fabric for curtain or blind.

Stitched Cotton Weave Curtains

Cotton Weave is offered in wonderful mix of eye-catching colours and some more subtle tones that create an exciting fabric perfect for making a bold statement.

Stitched Linton Linen Curtains

A linen blend range of soft calming colours complimented with rich earth tones. This soft drape presents a playful and delicate feel to a home.

Stitched Recycled Polyester Revive Curtains

Revive is a fabric of the future and a real conversation starter. Inspired by the natural pigments in traditional vegetable dyes, it’s made from recycled plastic bottles which are woven to create fabric with a surprisingly natural feel.

spot print fabric

Made from 100% cotton, these are soft textures with subtle prints in a whimsical mix of colours to get creative with.

Ian Mankin Stitched Stripe Pattern Curtains

With a choice of Ticking or Angus Stripes our Ian Mankin fabrics are perfect for those looking for a mix of relaxed and formal.

stitched eco fabric

Our new eco sheers are serene with an elegant and lightweight feel. Perfect for a contemporary and stylish home with an urban spirit.

cotton curtains

Made from 100% Cotton this carefully curated collection of 30 colours offers timeless luxury and effortless style to any home.

striped cotton fabric

Made from 100% cotton, soft to the touch in bold stripes. A nod to sun-drenched escapades on the Riviera.

striped cotton fabric

Made from 100% cotton, this is a candy stripe pattern in a range of colours.

red checked fabric

Our 100% soft-touch cotton checked fabric is a classic, from soft pastels to bold reds, blues and greens.

Stitched Velvet Sustainable Curtains

Velvet is a super smooth fabric that’s soft and sumptuous to the touch and available in a range of classic neutrals, jewel tones and contemporary blush colours.

Stitched Cotton & Linen Curtains

A collection of cotton and linen textures characterised by their natural finishes and relaxed feel. This refined range offers fabrics full of subtle character.

Stitched Silk Curtains

Silk is a glamorous, seductive and enchanting fabric that’s so smooth it moves like liquid. Offered in classic tones, it drapes dramatically for a luxurious finish.

Stitched Flax Sustainable Curtains

Flax is a versatile fabric that blends subtle hints of colour for added depth. Flax yarns are spun with sustainable wool to create a lived-in, wild and strong weave with a colourful fleck detail.

striped linen fabric

A rustic fabric in a cotton and linen blend. A colour palette of neutrals to inspire relaxed, chilled-out days.

Stitched Hemp Sustainable Curtains

Hemp is a home grown, feel good fabric is made from a slub yarn which gives it a rustic charm and a wonderfully natural looking texture, adding a rugged elegance to any room.

Stitched Sheer Curtains

A lightweight linen fabric that lets in natural light but gives an extra layer of privacy.

Stitched Sustainable Wool Curtains

Wool is a pressed finish fabric offered in kaleidoscopic range of colours and made from sustainable wool. It is sleek, with a super-soft feel that drapes beautifully like a well tailored suit.

wool curtains

Sustainable couture quality wool, there is no finer drape. This carefully curated collection of stylish colours offers timeless and effortless luxury to any home.

satin linen fabric

A pure satin linen with an elegant drape and subtle matt sheen that ensures this sophisticated fabric is usable in virtually any interior setting.

Stitched Upcycled Silk Sustainable Curtains

Upcycled Silk is an enchanting, colourful and textural fabric with a subtle three tone tweed effect. It hangs beautifully and its recycled silk fibres give it a wonderfully soft and luxurious feel.

Stitched patterned fabric

Made from 100% organic cotton, this design was developed with minimal shapes and colours that can stand the test of time and uplift any home.

Relaxed linen fabric

Simple beauty at its finest. With a tumbled texture and soft fluidity, in a range of colours from earthy and organic hues to soft neutrals.

Stitched Classic Transparent White Roller Blinds

A collection of colourful blackout and white transparent roller blinds that suit any window.

Stitched Oceana Roller Blind

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Oceana is a versatile semi-transparent roller fabric that will let light stream through windows, whilst maintaining privacy.

Fabric Comparison Chart

We want to be completely transparent about our fabrics and their eco credentials, so we have put together a simple comparison chart which includes our full fabric range including linings. Each eco criteria is outlined below.


Natural Fibre - Fabric is made of natural fibres extracted from plant or other biosources. Not all natural fibres are created equal, as a minimum our natural fibres must be biodegradable and/or come from rapidly renewable, environmentally sensitive sources. This criteria rules out certain natural fabrics that have undergone synthetic and environmentally unsustainable fabric extraction processes. Synthetic fibres and other non-renewable fibres many of which use significant energy and generate chemical waste in production. Natural-fibred fabrics are well ventilated and “breathable” which is the perfect match for made to measure curtains and blinds.

Recycled - Fabric is made in part from salvaged or recycled materials that are reused to create new products, which reduces the consumption of new materials and resources. Check out Marie’s Stitched Home whose custom curtains are made from recycled plastic fabric Revive.

Locally Milled - Fabric is milled in the UK and shipped directly to our Merseyside workshop. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of your curtains or blinds, minimises fabric waste and helps support local industry.

Rapidly Renewable - Fabric is woven from natural fibres that regenerate rapidly and naturally without placing a strain on the environment. For example, Hemp a fast growing biomass, whose stems, after harvesting, are left to decompose providing rich nutrients for the following year’s crop as an alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Low Waste - Fabric and its production process generates minimal waste including raw material usage, energy consumption and water usage. The UK alone sends 250,000 tonnes of textile waste to landfill every year landfill. Most of this fabric is synthetic fabric which emits harmful greenhouse gases (CO2 and methane) contributing to climate change and the rise of toxic substances that soil and groundwater sources.

Low Toxins - Fabrics employ no harmful chemicals in the fibre extrusion and dying process, and once made emit no or very low VOCs.

What is a VOC? VOCs are organic chemicals that evaporate or vaporise under normal conditions affecting the air quality of our interiors. They are a by-product of chemicals used in the manufacturing of a number of interior products like carpets, interior furnishings and paints. High levels can be hazardous to health but also contribute to global climate change too.

Eco Certified - Fabrics that have met the highest standards of environmental performance and been accredited by the European Commission. Environmental performance is determined by looking at the impact of the fabric throughout its lifecycle including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, use and final disposal.

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