Small and mighty: 3 killer tips for embracing your small space

When it comes to interiors, good things do indeed come in small packages. The key is to balance smaller space so that its size is acknowledged and even emphasised in an artistic, visually interesting way. Don’t be shy about size - small spaces can provide amazing, unusual design opportunities. They should absolutely be celebrated just as much as their larger counterparts!

Living room with large cat print


Use oversized

Think oversized mirror, oversized pictures, an oversized decorative bowl on the coffee table… Seems counterintuitive? Lots of small items can clutter a space and make it feel busy. Avoid all micro-decor, which can create an appearance of chaos (unless you’re really into that), and instead mix in a few strategically placed big and beautiful pieces into your cute, compact space.

cream lampshade against dark fabric


Go light and bright or all dark

You can definitely go to the dark side when considering the colour palette of a small space. All-dark spaces are enveloping and cosy, blurring the lines for where space starts and ends, making them feel bigger or even sizeless. Cool? We think so.

Clean, bright and light spaces feel modern and expansive - no surprises there. When sticking to light and bright, it is a good idea to play with tones and texture to add layers of interest to your beautiful smaller space. What better way to layer gorgeous fabrics and textures into your all-dark or all-light and bright scheme than through your window dressings? Our Cotton Twill range provides a beautiful, timeless twill fabric in incredible colours.

Check out Blush, Azure, and Banana for use as colour pops in light spaces, and Navy, Pebble or Ruby (on rails) for glamorous, sexy, darker spaces.

Study room with green wool blinds



Blinds can be a clear winner in a very compact space as they themselves are more compact. Their clean lines can elegantly and seamlessly be incorporated into a space making them the perfect solution for smaller rooms. Always install them above the recess where possible, to maximise natural light in your space when they are open.

Seize the opportunity to turn your blind into an impressive feature in its own right by choosing an eye-catching or contrasting block colour. We suggest looking at our Cotton Weave range for inspiration. The Apricot and Aqua colours are sensational shades to add a beautiful shot of colour to a little space. And there you have it: do not waste what you have, but instead embrace your amazing little space.

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