3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wool

Wool is the new player in window town and you heard it here first. Read on for 3 reasons why you should choose wool for your window.

Close up of flax fabric


Strong, bright, independent fabric that stands on its own

Wool is a hardy fabric that can withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, so much so, it has natural fire-retardant and water resistant properties. Not only is it tough, but clean.

The natural structure of wool fibres prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric. Instead dust sits on top of the fabrics surface, which means it’s super easy to clean - just give it a once over with a vacuum cleaner on a low suction from time-to-time. Now that’s what we call low-maintenance! This makes wool a perfect for making curtains or blinds - you can rest assured they’ll stand the test of time.

close up of Wool fabric


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Wool fabric has great eco-credentials - every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool the ideal renewable fibre source for your curtains or blinds.

Wool is also environmentally circular - when left to biodegrade, wool quickly releases key nutrients back into the earth. In view of all this (and more) 2010 Prince Charles launched The Campaign For Wool to promote the environmental benefits of this eco-warrior. Since its launch there’s been a large upswing in demand for wool for use in consumer products, making sheep farming more attractive to farmers. And, slowly but surely, wool is replacing its lower performing synthetics competitors as the fabric of choice for our homes again.

Blue blinds in a white bedroom


Keep warm, keep cool and keep your bills down

A thick pair of wool curtains can be the answer to lower energy bills. Wool can help insulate a room, so no need to have an expensive upgrade to double glazing! Not only can you save money on heating, by using less electricity, you will be making your home greener too.

On the flip side, wool will keep a cool room cool. But how can one fabric do both? The secret lies in the tiny pockets of air within each wool fiber that can provide both insulation and breathability. By choosing a Stitched wool based fabric, you get a higher performance fabric, that’s good for the environment and looks great - it’s a no brainer!

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