Let The Light In

There’s nothing like the sun beating through your window and filling your room with natural light. Natural sunlight can make you feel healthier, boosting your body’s Vitamin D but also, from a design point of view, the brighter the room, the more comfortable it is. So we want to help you maximise the natural light in your home whilst making your room look beautiful (with a Stitched curtain or blind framing your window beautifully). Stitched’s top tips to let the light into your home:



Install your roman blinds above the window frame (outside the recess), so that when they are open the ‘stackback’ (or folds of the blinds) are well above the window, and so the sun can shine through the entire window! If you install roman blinds inside of the recess, less light is let through as the blinds block the top of the window.



Use light colours or white around your window frame - and avoid placing thick and dark furniture near the window. When the sun comes streaming through, it will reflect off the light/white and bounce around the room.


Curtains + roller blinds

If curtains are your thing - but you still need privacy - installing a transparent roller blind is the answer. That way, you don’t have to keep your curtains drawn during the day, and the transparent blinds will let the sunlight through, so your modesty can stay in tact.



Installing a mirror opposite your window will reflect the treasured rays through your room. A really striking mirror is also a great conversation starter, and great for when you want to check your hair is just perfect.

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