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Five Things to Consider Before Buying Curtains + Blinds

From choosing the right fabric to measuring up and thinking about lining options for your curtains and blinds, there are lots of things to consider when deciding how to dress your windows. So to make it a little easier for you, we’ve put together the five most important things to think about before buying your made to measure curtains or made to measure blinds.

Green wool blinds in a white living room

01. Made to measure curtains and blinds or ready made?

This is very dependent on the window size you have, as ready made curtains and blinds only come in selected sizes. Ready made curtains and blinds are often cheaper and have a shorter delivery time, but this is due to mass production and most of them being made of polyester. Our made to measure curtains and blinds are higher quality and you get to design them yourself, so they are perfect for your home. With Stitched you can also feel smug as your curtains and blinds will be kinder to the environment as there is no mass production involved and our fabrics are eco-friendly - - - it’s a win-win.

red curtain against a dark wall

02. What colour to choose?

Colour is the first thing you see when entering a room, so it’s important that you choose the right one. Something to consider is the amount of natural light in your room. Warmer colours tend to work better in north-facing rooms, whereas cooler colours suit south-facing rooms. Not sure on what colour to go for? We have over 300 different fabrics to choose from, so book a video consultation with one of our friendly team and we can help pick one out!

sustainable fabrics

03. Which fabric to go for?

Not only does every fabric look and feel different, they serve different purposes too! If noise is an issue? Pick wool. Wool is a great sound absorber, has great insulation AND is perfect for keeping warmth inside. Got little ones around? Old-faithful and hard-wearing, cotton is a good choice. It is easy to clean too! Whichever fabric you choose, you can customise the lining, heading type and pooling to create something unique. Take a look at all of our options here.

pencil pleat blackout curtain

04. Is blackout important?

Blackout is definitely key to achieving a great night’s sleep - - - especially in those summer months. Adding a blackout lining to your curtain or blind is the first step to achieving blackout. Installation is also key. Installing your roman blind outside of the recess helps to block the majority of light and when it comes to curtains, make sure your pole is 15cm wider and taller than your window for full coverage.

Study room with grey curtains

05. Which way does your window face?

If your window faces North, this means it isn’t going to get much sunlight, so you will need to maximise your window as much as possible - - - let in as much light as you can! You can do this by choosing a blind and installing it above the recess so that when it is open, the blind only covers the window frame. If you choose curtains, it is always best to leave room either side of the window frame for the curtain ‘stackback’. The less curtain covering your window, the more light that can enter the room!

Once you’ve considered all of these things, you can start designing your made to measure curtains + blinds in our online studio!