5 Ways To Get Your Home Summer Ready

Summer, is there anything better? Yes - a beautiful home in the summer! It’s easy to revamp your space ready for the summer months, and here’s a few simple tips and tricks:

white linen curtain resting on a table


Lighten up

Summer is almost always associated with light and bright so adopt a light and bright colour palette. If your home is made up of neutral tones, introducing fresh shades like gentle-but-bright pinks, blues, yellows or greens can instantly lift your space.
If your home has mainly bold, bright colours or a darker scheme, introducing lighter shades is easy. Throw some white, cream or beige cushions with soft delicate patterns on your sofa, or dot about some natural accent pieces. Think creamy shells, little white pebbles, or natural crystals, all of which instantly creates a softer, summer-esque feeling. We also love to use soft, flowing sheer curtains to add a delicate texture to the space.

white linen blinds with piano in foreground


Let it shine

Getting your space sparkling clean is a great way to lift and brighten. Get rid of all dust and cobwebs, and make those windows, mirrors and surfaces sparkle. Fix-up your outside space, removing any debris or bits and pieces that may have accumulated over the winter months. Store away unnecessary rugs or heavy sofa and bed throws to create a more spacious impression.

Green wool curtains in a mainly white living room


Out with the old…

What better time to invest in some new bedding, freshen up your walls with a lick of paint, or choose some fresh new curtains or blinds for your home? Light voiles or curtains that let light into your home are perfect in the summer months, making the most of that beautiful sunlight. Or use them to inject some colour and energy into your home.

full table of food with blue curtains in tje background



A fabulous way to bring summer to your home is through art or photography - particularly that of beautiful exotic landscapes, white beaches, sea or stunning, sun-filled scenery. Why not use your own photographs? Using your holidays and memories as inspiration, fill a wall in your home and bring summer straight into your space.

plant in front of brick wall


Go green

Plants are a fantastic way to get your home summer ready and so versatile too.We love introducing plants and flowers (real or not) into every room of our home. The introduction of colour, especially green which can be missing from your home, sings of lazy sun-filled days and leisurely walks in beautiful gardens. Clear a surface area or shelf and pop a few potted plants here instead. Go all out and purchase a large plant and watch it transform an unused corner of your room.

But MOST of all, be sure to breathe, relax and enjoy your space. This is the ultimate way to bring summer energy into your home!