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6 ways to use your spare room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, you might find, like many of us, that it quickly becomes a dumping ground for all the things you don’t know what to do with. Suitcases, jackets, exercise balls… the list of “stuff” that often gets abandoned in spare rooms around the world goes on and on. We’re willing to bet though, that when you moved in, you had grand designs for that space, it just never materialised.

Perhaps you’re the organised soul who has already converted the spare room into a beautiful guest room - bravo! But are you now feeling like you have more of a ghost room than a guest room? These spaces are notoriously underused, no matter how much we think we’ll use it. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to give it a new burst of life.

  1. Turn it into an office. Make WFH more comfortable, more efficient and overall more pleasant by giving yourself a home office. We can help you to choose the perfect blinds to let natural light in, keep the sun out and add a smart look to your new work space. Click here to see our range of beautiful made to measure blinds. Invest in a good desk and ergonomic chair, add a lamp, a rug, some plants and there you have the bones of your very own office.
  1. If you don’t want to fully commit to an office, you can make it a dual purpose office/guest room. Dual purpose rooms like this are hugely popular because they are just so functional. Save space by adding a daybed that pulls out into a comfy double bed for your guests but can also double as the perfect spot for those video-off Zoom calls. See our gorgeous range of made to measure curtain fabrics to get your room started.
  1. Transform it into a cosy library. Imagine being able to close the door to a calm, comforting room, lined with your favourite books, with a big cosy armchair in the corner. Pulling over the luxurious curtains, clicking on the reading light and spending an evening of bliss immersed in your favourite novel… sounds like heaven! Again, this option can be paired up with another option to make it multi-functional, bedroom/reading room or even walk in wardrobe on one side, library on the other.
books bookshelf study space office shelf space bookshelf books office study
  1. Convert it into a fun multimedia playroom. Sick of tripping over toys on the floor and sitting on games consoles hidden under cushions on the sofa? A spare room makes for the perfect games room and play, for big and small kids! Simply install a wall mounted tv, add some squishy bean bags to create the ultimate gaming station. For smaller members of the family, why not add a mini craft table, blackboard or multi use storage buffet along one wall. Complete the look with black out curtains or blinds.
  1. Make into an art studio, whatever your art is, painting, crafting, knitting, or playing music, this is the ideal place to convert into your art studio. Keep it light and airy with custom made curtains from our Nude Collection letting the natural light diffuse into the room throughout the day.
  1. Live the dream and create a walk in wardrobe! With all your clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry all carefully organised and put away, think of how much less stress you’d have in your life! You can add integrated, clever storage to hide away your off-season clothes. It doesn’t all have to be for you either (sorry!) You can split the room half and half or even designate one wall to the children. Whatever you decide, enjoy all the extra space. For inspiration to help you get started with your windows and blinds for your new room, download our new AR (augmented reality) app here
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