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APPy ever AfteR!

We humans are obsessed with love. We love love. Books, music, film, plays, theatre…most of them have at least an underlying love story. We are inundated with reality tv shows from all over the world full of single hopefuls, longing to meet their match. News stories of people finding love later in life brings a tear to our eyes and fills our hearts. We fill our homes with love, whether we live alone, with our families or with flatmates. This comes primarily in the form of comfort, safety and security.

Have you ever wished there was something like a dating app to get your windows paired up with a gorgeous pair of made to measure curtains? Just to be able to flick through and see what’s out there? Maybe your windows already have curtains or blinds but you think that maybe there’s better out there for them? Something trendier, warmer, longer, lined with blackout material… just something different. We’re not judging, we understand. Like all relationships, interiors need a little shake up every now and again.

What if we told you that we had created our own app that can get your windows married off in no time?! Our AR (augmented reality) app is actually way more fun than any dating app. You see immediate results, you don’t have to spend hours trawling through photos, and you definitely won’t get ghosted! Click here to download

The app is so simple. Just download it to your iphone and follow the instructions. It’s certainly a much more enjoyable way to spend your time, trust us! With the app, you can take accurate measurements of your windows, choose your fabric, colour, heading, and then see what your made to measure curtains will look like on your very own windows. How cool is that? No more wasting time wondering if something you saw on someone else’s window will look just as good on yours. Our app ensures a perfect match, every time!

app curtains windows app curtains windows

Once you have chosen your new curtains (click here to find new windows for your old curtains through our partners, NewLife) you can order samples to be delivered straight to your door. If you’re unsure or need a second opinion in your choice, our team is on hand directly on the app.

To make life even easier still, you may be eligible to pay in three interest-free payments through Klarna. See here for more information on how you can apply. So really, we couldn’t do any more to make the whole process easier. Except for installing them. Yes, we will also do that. Can you feel the love?! Talk about a match made in AR heaven!

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