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Ask the Expert: AAVA Architects

With over a decade of experience creating individual and sustainable spaces for residential and commercial clientele, we caught up with Alistair Reid - - - co-founder of architectural and interiors studio AAVA to ask a few quick questions on all things architecture and design…

Can you describe your architectural style in three words…

Timeless, textured and contemporary.

Who do you follow on Instagram for inspiration?

World of Interiors for beautiful interiors and Dezeen for all round design, architecture and interior design inspiration.

What projects are you currently working on at the moment?

A selection of residential new builds and remodels - - - we’ve also taken on some commercial projects too! We are constantly collaborating with our clients to create sustainable spaces with a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

What does a well designed building or space look like to you?

Very light with large windows!

What trends do you see coming through in architecture and interior design?

Sustainability and reuse are key trends for the next few years. Considering how the building design and the materials used impact the environment is key - - - as is trying to do more with less. 

What are the advantages of hiring an architect when you are looking to improve your home?

Expert thinking experience and imagination. Building or renovating a new home is a big task. There are a lot of decisions to make along the way from building regulations to design, zoning, project management… An architect will help you streamline the process whilst also ensuring you exceed your architectural aims.

What are the easiest ways to add value to your house? 

Decluttering - - - it’s the simplest, easiest and not to mention cheapest way to add value to any property!

Can you share some top tips on how to successfully brief an architect? 

Be clear on your budget, timescale, style and room brief. You’ve chosen an architect because you like their style - - - trust them!

What are the recurring mistakes you see homeowners making when approaching design and planning? 

An unrealistic budget and time frame. Most projects cost more and take longer than clients might initially expect. 

AAVA Architects contemporary house AAVA Architects contemporary modern house

How do you consider the environment when designing a new project?

I find it’s integral to all building projects - - - it informs every decision from layout to the materials you choose.

Do you have any advice to homeowners on how they can consider the environment when redesigning their home?

Think about the long term, don’t design to fashion or trends and only build what’s necessary.

Finally, can you choose 5 stitched fabrics that define your style and tell us about your selection.

I always opt for natural looking fabrics with texture or tend to pair neutrals with carefully selected bold colour - - - so I’ve gone for a neutral selection with a pop of colour.

AAVA Architects Fabric Picks

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