Being Bold With Colour

At the end of 2017, Pantone announced that ‘Ultra Violet’ is the colour of 2018. Some felt that this was a controversial, maybe even shocking choice, and certainly too bold for the home. The Stitched team disagrees! We love purple in all its hues, including ultra violet. In fact, we love ALL bold colours. Colour choices are a reflection of our souls and passions, as are our homes, and no one wants to admit to having a beige soul! Here are our Top Tips for being bolder + braver when choosing colours for your home. Let’s make 2019 the year of colour!

Multi coloured fabric rolls


To Start...

Browsing endless colour schemes is exciting, but can also be quite daunting. There’s simply so much choice. So, before you start looking at colour charts or fabric samples, think about the impact you want your room to have on you, your family and friends… The colours you choose reflect your personality and will alter your mood. Some of your rooms may suit brighter, high impact tones, whilst something more subtle with accents of colour may work better in other rooms. One thing’s for sure, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

girl hugging a green curtain


Using colour to update your room

Introducing bold colours to a room will give it a big boost. Going big with colour avoids the need to redecorate. Savvy! Your curtains + blind are a great starting point as they are potentially the biggest block of colour in a room, and will frame everything else in it. Of course, sofas, wallpapers and paints also work, but curtain + blinds are much less hassle!

Multi coloured fabrics in a stack


Start Simple

If you’re new to this, there’s no harm in testing the water. Pick one colour (everyone has a favourite) and work from there.

Close up of a stitched sample pack


Opposites attract

So you’ve decided to add a big splash of colour to your room. Before you start ordering samples, have a think about your current furniture and what will work well with it, what won’t. How? Simple, use a good old colour wheel, or even better a 21st century digital alternative. We love the online Color Scheme Designer wheel. What if you are starting from scratch (or worse, from a neutral themed room)? Great! You have a blank canvas, almost anything goes.

Bright pink and blue bits of fabric


Be Bold and Back Yourself

Many people like the idea of a bold colour, but worry that it can be ‘too much’. Go with your gut and don’t be afraid. We all have a wild streak.

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