Bringing the Outside In

Creating a link to nature and the great outdoors in our homes has a hugely positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing, as well as being brilliantly on-trend and creating a calming, serene impression. The term ‘bringing the outside inside’ does not always mean literally, not everyone wants a giant tree growing gracefully through their house, although there are some superb architectural examples of how beautiful this can be! As humans we enjoy being surrounded by nature, well most of us do, so whether you decide to go full-on jungle or just incorporate a subtle row of pretty succulents, there is the right amount of ‘green’ for even the least green fingered!

Natural Finishes

When selecting the finishes for your interiors use natural finishes for flooring, accessories, hardware and furniture. Wood, bamboo and cork all conduct heat better than laminate or tile and stay feeling warm under-foot for longer. Wicker baskets offer the perfect natural and practical storage solution and rattan furniture automatically makes you think back to warm summer nights and al-fresco dining. Also it doesn’t have to be with obvious items, think about using reclaimed wood for shelving, a beautiful stone basin for a bathroom vanity, woven placemats and fresh greenery at the dining table or clay pots as planters.

Create Your Own Outside

Not everyone has access to a garden, terrace or balcony, for homes lacking their own slice of outdoor space don’t give-up hope, instead create your own instant garden. Locate the sunniest/brightest window in the home, if you have a view then this is the time to capture it! Ensure the window can open, even if just a little, enough to smell the fresh and air and feel the breeze on your face! Create a seating area as close to the light and view as possible, think window seat, fold-up/down chair or comfy snuggle seat, and finally dress the area with plants; pots plants, hanging plants (perfect when space is tight), flowers and greenery to give you the feeling of being outside. Layer - not just with fabrics but plants as well, more than one visual works well to add interest or go big or go home, a giant pot plant or tree can make maximum impact and instant impression even in a small space. Adding plants and flowers to a room, gives the space life, a living wall is the perfect example of form and function, house plants are great for purifying air (removing CO2 and releasing oxygen), lowering stress levels, giving a calm and soothing visual and anchoring a decorative scheme.

Green in more ways than one!

We do not mean the colour green, although green is a glorious colour to use in the home, we mean the eco-credentials. Think about the environmental impact of the fixtures and finishes you use in your interiors, what is good for the planet can only be good for the soul. We have a wonderful range of ‘feel good fabrics’, sustainable, local and recycled, ready to make your home beautiful and your conscience clear. Sustainability is having a moment right now and this is something we strongly believe in, using our sustainable fabrics for made to measure curtains of blinds will offer you a beautiful finish with minimal guilt and is an easy way of ensuring we think green where we can. And finally literally bring the green inside, we have a gorgeous selection of green fabrics as well as our sumptuous green velvet cushion, which give depth and a touch of natural glamour to a space.

Need more inspiration?

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