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A Calm, Neutral and Stylish Home This Christmas

A zen environment can evoke feelings of calm, peace and tranquillity. A space to relax and unwind in, providing enough clarity to spark creativity when needed. This Christmas embrace soothing neutrals, warm textures and natural greenery to create an oasis of your own to switch off from it all before welcoming in the New Year. Let us be honest we would all gladly harness any zen we can get to see us through the present shopping, a mountain of wrapping and cooking for extended family! Our homes should allow us to relax, unwind and step away from it all. Decorating for Christmas and the festive season should be a fun, exciting experience so channel a relaxed attitude and decorate mindfully, by that we don’t mean buddha baubles donning Christmas hats (although there is nothing wrong with a bit of kitsch Christmas decor). Decorations don’t need to shout, instead introduce subtle seasonal touches along with a restrained, neutral palette and allow the serenity to wash through your home. Below are some ideas to help your interior feel like a breath of fresh air and a deep exhale this winter.

Natural elements

Bring the outside inside this Christmas and embrace natural elements in your home, decorate with fresh greenery; eucalyptus, fir and holly work wonderfully and everyone loves a beautiful Christmas wreath brimming with greenery. Swap out your usual house plants for white poinsettias, add pinecones to seasonal displays, and use fresh greenery in your displays. Surrounding yourself with natural elements creates a connection to the outdoors which will help to reduce stress as well as eliminate toxins from the air. Use natural materials in your interior finishes and furniture; concrete, plaster, wood, rattan and marble have a beautiful raw, simplicity. Natural can be beautifully festive, add touches of sparkle with lights, candles and glass, think twinkly lights draped around fresh greenery, twigs adorned with baubles and window displays with warming candlelight.

Pale but interesting

A neutral pallet not only allows seasonal decorations and greenery to take centre stage, but a clean, understated palette of neutral colours is easy to live with, promotes tranquillity and calmness and is timelessly stylish! Go pale and interesting by channelling warm, serene colours such as warm white, cream, ivory, taupe and soft grey. These will be light and airy as well as help to reflect more light in the space, making the most of the natural light and creating a bright and open interior. Neutrals do not have to be stark or cold, pick a soft, warm neutral like truffle or taupe and team this with pale highlights to offer depth to the scheme. If you want to pick out a certain feature or create a focal point, using dark, contrasting accents will allow these to stand out and add interest. A neutral scheme is also timeless, giving longevity to the room and our 100% Linen Collections offers the perfect colour palette when selecting fabrics for curtains or blinds.

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Tactile textiles

Layering and variety are key when it comes to texture, and texture is the key to making an interior inviting, restful and fun. Using a variety of textures stops a room feeling lifeless and adds depth and interest to a neutral scheme. Tonal layering and gentle palette allow you to play with textures and finishes without overwhelming the space, use wool throws, chunky knits, tactile trimmings and rugs for instant textural pleasure. The cotton/linen fabrics of our Relaxed Linen or Classic Cotton Collections offer a relaxed finish and natural feel, perfect for a zen, calming interior and when layered with sheers on the windows create a warm, cosy environment, perfect for relaxing in this Christmas. Or try the more earthy tones of our Flax or Revive Collections for textured drapery on your windows.

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