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Life After Stitched: Caring for Your Blinds

It’s a lovely feeling - - - you’ve finally made all the decisions on colour, styles, where they should go and you’ve installed your gorgeous new made to measure blinds. Fast forward a few years and the feeling has well and truly worn off and your blinds need to be replaced… not in our world! Read on for our top tips on how to keep your blinds feeling fresh and like the day they were installed. If you haven’t yet experienced that warm and fuzzy feeling, click here to see our range of blinds.

Don’t forget to dust

Have you ever gone to pull down a blind only to have a little flurry of dust (and possibly some dead flies!) go flying? Let’s be honest, dusting blinds is really not something that crosses our minds when we are cleaning. To avoid a dust build-up and an insect graveyard, simply run a vacuum with the upholstery brush attachment across the blinds every couple of weeks. Every month or so, take a damp cloth and run it across the top, including the wall fixtures and gently wipe clean.

TIP: if you don’t have microfibre cloths, you can use an inside out sports sock.

Keep them dry

Condensation on windows causes mould to grow, which can often spread onto your blinds, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. The only way to prevent this is to regularly wipe your blinds dry. Most of us don’t have the time to do this. At a minimum, try to wipe your blinds using a damp cloth and warm soapy water once a week.

To remove mould build up on fabric blinds, first take down your blinds. Using two parts bicarbonate of soda, one part water and one part white vinegar, make a paste. Spread the paste along the affected area and leave to dry. Vacuum the residue and repeat if necessary. Wipe the entire blind with your damp cloth or sock, using warm soapy water. Leave to dry and re-hang, good as new!

Combat grease

If you have blinds in your kitchen, over time, they can become greasy with cooking residue. White vinegar is fantastic for cutting through grease, either mixed with water (one for one) or by itself. You can either spritz the mixture and leave to work for a couple of minutes, wiping after with a clean damp cloth, or just wipe directly with a cloth that has been soaked in the mixture. For extra stubborn grease on vinyl blinds, you can fill the bath with vinegar, warm water and washing up liquid. Immerse your blinds and leave to soak for a few minutes.

CAREFUL! Never immerse wooden blinds in water, and never get them soaking wet, as this can damage them.

Sun protection

Just like us, your blinds can also get damaged by the sun. Where possible, keep them out of direct sunlight, particularly strong and dark colours. Alternatively, you can line your fabric blinds to protect them from harsh rays. Choose blackout or thermal lining for added extra comfort in your home. Our blinds experts are always on hand to help with any queries you may have. Contact us here.

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