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How Much Stackback Will My Curtains Have?

Stackback, also known as return, is the distance that a curtain panel will extend beyond the window frame when it is open. Stackback curtains refer to curtains or drapes that can be pulled back or “stacked” to one side of a window or opening, allowing for more natural light or a clear view. The amount of stackback will depend on several factors, including the type of curtain pole or track that you use, the size and style of the curtains, and how the curtains are hung.

What is a standard stackback?

Typically, a standard stackback is around 2-6 inches on either side of the window frame. This can vary depending on the type of pole or track used, and the size and style of the curtains. Some decorative rods have a larger return, which will increase the stackback.

How to adjust your stackback

If you are using a standard pole or track, you can adjust the stackback by adjusting the height at which you hang the curtains. If you hang the curtains higher, the stackback will be less. If you hang the curtains lower, the stackback will be more.

Single panel vs Double panel

It’s also important to note that, if you have a wide window and use a single panel, the stackback will be more than if you use two panels that can be closed in the middle.

cotton bedroom curtains

Stackback in an Awkward Space

In an awkward space, curtains may need to be custom-made to fit the unique shape of the window or opening

Single Panel Curtains

Single Panel Curtains

Single panel living room curtains (not fully stacked back)

multi window curtain stackback

Multi Window Curtain Stackback

Our heavier fabrics not only look great, but insulate your home too.

neutral bedroom curtains

Bedroom Stackback

Perfect for a room that gets lots of sun. Layer up with a second curtain for privacy and blackout.

white bedoom curtains

Stackback Curtains on a Track

You can play around with track lengths to ensure your curtain clears your window or door (if this is the look you want to achieve).

Close up of Stackbacked Curtains

Close up of Stackbacked Curtains

Close up of our stackbacked wave curtains curtains with pooling


In summary, the stackback will vary depending on the type of pole or track you use, the size and style of the curtains, and how the curtains are hung. It’s typically between 2-6 inches but can be adjusted by adjusting the width of the curtain.

Our made-to-measure curtains are hand stitched to your bespoke requirements, every detail finished by hand in local workshops up and down the country. Behind the scenes, our team works hard on design details, from fabrics, and headings, to more bespoke requests. If you have any questions on stackback or what to expect from your curtains, get in touch with our team