Stylish Storage

How to add in much needed storage without sacrificing your scheme! Storage, we can never have enough of the right kind of storage. If you’ve got a cupboard or draw bursting at the seams with clutter, it might be time to give your storage solutions an overhaul.

Don’t despair if you don’t already have floor to ceiling cupboards in every room, there are clever ways to incorporate simple storage ideas into your daily routine – ensuring a place for everything…

Firstly, you need a place to store those everyday items. This can be as simple as a bowl and a few hooks by the front door, to ensure you never lose your keys again, to adding some hangers and hooks to your under stairs cupboard, to make sure coats are easy to put away- because we all know if it’s a faff we just won’t do it!

Edit your possessions, you may not need as much storage as you think. Seriously look at what you own and consider whether you could donate or sell it to make some space. We promise the feeling of lightness after a good clear out is worth the hours of being surrounded by piles of your old things!

Mix it up – By rotating your favourite display items you not only create some shelf space, but by regularly refreshing what’s on show you keep your space interesting and engaging.

Embrace the subtle storage. A coffee table with drawers, console tables and media units, banquette seating with a lifting lid, draws under divan beds- these are all great integrated bonus storage options. Something to think about if you’re looking to buy new furniture, can it be multi purpose?

If you are able to add some built in storage, consider box shelves. These add structure and order, whilst still allowing you to display items in an ordered way and are much simpler to keep tidy than wall to wall shelving.

Make it pretty. We all have stuff we need to access daily, whether that’s beauty products, hats and gloves or the pods for your coffee machine, if you don’t have a space for these things add some baskets, decorative boxes or tins around the house to use. This way your things will be organised and easy to find, and you’re much more likely to keep using the storage if it’s within easy reach.

Use design tricks. Sliding doors, made to measure curtains and room dividers can all be utilised to turn that small unused space into a storage area, by hiding the clutter you keep the home streamlined. When adding in a simple wall shelf or cupboard, try painting it in the same colour as the wall to visually make it fade into the background, this way your all important storage isn’t interrupting your carefully styled space.

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