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Curtains as room dividers

Curtains aren’t just for windows. Create areas or zones within your home by using curtains as room dividers. More free-flowing than doors, curtains can split an open plan room into two or cover up untidy areas in your home. With made to measure curtains, you can just about install them anywhere! So get creative and add some texture to a room by using curtains in places other than windows.

Shut them off (temporarily). Bi-folding doors are known for dividing a room and stack back neatly when open to create one larger open-plan space. But you don’t have to choose glass when trying to keep the noise at bay from the other side of the room, you can also create more privacy by choosing curtains to do the same job. Maybe separating a kitchen and dining room rather than a kitchen and a garden though! As great as our curtains are, we can’t promise they’ll keep the rain out.

Draw the curtain. If you’ve designated the kitchen table as your office and are embarrassed by the piled-up dishes in the corner of your Zoom call, why not have some custom made cafe curtains ordered? Cover the open plan cupboards with a beautiful material and your work backdrop will be instantly uplifted!

bifold door curtains bathroom cafe curtain

Nook and cranny. Utilise your home’s architecture to its max by turning obscure spaces into practical ones. The cupboard under the stairs is a cosy and quirky place to start. If your home is of a rustic or cottage vibe, a curtain over the cupboard will cover up any items that are in there and will add a layer of texture, and perhaps pattern, to a usually quite clinical and flat space.

Create an office space. If you find yourself working past office hours in your home office, why not use a curtain as divider between your office space and living space? An odd shaped corner in a bedroom could be covered by a made to measure curtain, creating a working space and a bedroom space. It also helps with not worrying about what is in the background of your morning meeting!

Hide the door If your door opens straight into your living room or is ruining your home aesthetic in the hallway, adding a beautiful curtain to cover it will not only improve the look, but will also block draughts and separate the door and living space! Win-win.

red doorway curtain bedroom bifold door curtains

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