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The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Curtains + Blinds

There’s a few things you can do to make your curtains your own. Maybe you want them to add a decorative finish to your room, let the maximum amount of light in or maybe add some much needed extra warmth. Some decisions will need to be made before you order, but there’s also some things you can do once your made to measure curtains or made to measure blinds have arrived. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you dress your curtains and blinds to impress.

Before you order your curtains

Before placing your order, you may want to think about curtain pooling. For those of you who are new to curtain shopping, pooling is the amount of fabric that gathers on the floor at the bottom of your curtain. Our standardised pooling allowance is adding 5cm of extra fabric to the bottom of your curtains - - - perfect for hiding uneven floors and adding a stylish touch. There are other options such as ‘just touching’ the floor for a modern look or adding more than 5cm of fabric for more generous pooling. Get in touch with our team to make your order more bespoke.

The placement of your track or pole is really important to get that finished look you are after. If you want to make your window appear larger, you might want to consider extending the track or pole to go beyond the edge of your window frame. From a practical point of view, we recommend fixing the track or pole higher than the top of your frame so that there are no gaps to let unwanted light in. Going 15cm above is another way to make your windows seem larger and give the room a more dramatic look.

red bedroom curtains red curtain pooling

When your curtains are hung

Adding a few finishing touches can really make your curtains come to life. For example, adding tie backs to your curtains to match a painting or other treasured item in your room. We recommend using the same fabric as the curtain for a more discreet approach, or using rope to add a rustic element.

Another option for dressing your window could be adding another layer. We’re a big fan of layering our sheer curtains with a heavier material to give more privacy and let more light in. This adds a stylish, modern look to any room.

If you’re unhappy with how your curtains sit, especially if you’ve gone for a floor length option, consider adding hidden weights to keep the bottom of the fabric just where you want it. When you order from Stitched, you’ll get these with all of our curtains so they always hang beautifully!

How to dress your blinds

If you’ve opted for blinds instead of curtains, these can also be dressed to add an extra something to your room. On a bay window, a simple way would be to have each of your blinds at a different height. This allows maximum light to come in where you want it and can display your fabric so your guests can appreciate your interior choices! Blinds are also a great option if you have radiators under your windows.

We believe that curtains and blinds shouldn’t be an after-thought and can even be one of the first decisions in your room before you decorate! So if these handy tips have inspired you to shop with Stitched to really impress, you can order a sample pack here to get started or if you’ve already made your decision, you can place your order in our online studio.

Need some advice?

If you need some help with measuring up, choosing between curtains and blinds, more advice on how to dress your curtains and blinds or even choosing the perfect fabric, our friendly team are happy to help. Book a free design consultation and we’ll answer any questions you may have!