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Eco Brands We Love

Times are changing and so are our consumer choices! With the current and impending effects of climate change along with the Corona Virus and its butterfly effect, people are purchasing alternative products and services with their buying power. The nurturing instinct seems to have kicked in and is tending to small businesses or suppliers that are kinder to Mother Earth.


Whether you are vegan, cruelty-free or looking for an alternative to leather, Pinatex is a fantastic textile made out of a by-product of Pineapple. Its commercial success is integrated with and promotes social, ecological and cultural development. The textile holds colour well and has an added layer of texture which gives it its worn feel.

Maker & Son

With craftsmanship and sustainability at its core, Maker & Son are an upholsterer creating sofas and beds that are built to last. They pride themselves in using 100% natural materials and they have interchangeable covers if you need to freshen up the current set. There is also no need to venture out to give them a test drive as they will drive to your door with a sofa ready and waiting in the back of their mobile showroom (van).

Undercover Living

Pure cotton and linen sheets have always been a go-to when it comes to bedding due to their natural content however the market has been flooded with synthetic blends over the past few decades with many loosing that pure touch. A third of our lives spent under covers, so it’s important to sleep with breathable and natural materials and that’s precisely what Undercover Living offer. Their fabrics are made of organic cotton and TENCEL™; biodegradable cotton made from wood pulp that has won sustainable awards for their production processes.

Edward Bulmer Paints

How long after you painted a room do you stop smelling the pungent chemical scent? Do you ever take a moment to wonder what you are breathing in? Well, its most likely a form of the various plastics used to create most decorating paints. Edward Bulmer, an interior designer with a love of colour created his paint range to be as clean as possible using natural and mineral pigments that are as tough and durable as our usual go-to tinned paints.

Tala Lightbulbs

Over the past recent decades, design has been led by consumerism and fast production at the expense of the environment and longevity. Tala Design has created a beautiful range of lightbulbs by select methods and materials that have a low environmental impact. Their motto; ‘Good design can help to mitigate climate change’ is backed by the process of their efforts to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The bulbs last up to 10 years and are both energy saving as well as cost-saving.

What are you doing for the environment? We, at Stitched pride ourselves in eco-friendly fabrics. Our curtains and blinds are created in the UK by master makers to ensure they last the long-haul. We think it’s time that all companies take sustainable design into consideration and customers consider conscious purchasing for our own health and the health of our planet.

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