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Embrace Cosy Interiors this Winter

You are at home AGAIN. You have attended 5 online yawn inducing meetings. You are rocking your favourite pair of jogging bottoms, so far, so 2024! This winter we will be at home more than ever, the days are shorter and our social freedoms have had more changes than a round of the hokey-cokey. There are some simple steps we can put in place to ensure our homes don’t fatigue us this winter and we use the space to rest, relax and come out of 2024 feeling energised. Here is how to make staying at home this winter work for you.

Think Scandi

Spending time hibernating inside during the darker months is something Scandinavian countries are used to and embracing this has become their strong point. The term Hygge is used to encapsulate all things cosy, comforting and happy, it derives from the sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning ‘to comfort’. Although this has been popular in the UK for the past few years, 2024 is set to be the biggest Hygge year yet, we all need that hug!! Create a cosy, comforting sanctuary in your home with textured throws, candlelight, lit fires and minimalist décor. Closing warm wool curtains on a dark night and snuggling up with comforting throws will offer a cocooning effect and should help to raise happiness levels. Here at Stitched we offer made to measure curtains in a wide range of wool, linen and flax fabrics in a charming range of warm neutral colours to fully embrace the Hygge this winter.

orange red curtains living room purple and grey curtains

Create Restful Spaces

Working from home is fast becoming the new normal and this does not look set to change after we come out of this pandemic. Therefore, it is essential to zone your spaces so that work does not become your soul focus and you have sweet respite from the laptop and dreaded Zoom calls. Having a designated ‘work/study’ area is an easy way to organise your functions at home so we can switch off when needed. We all know about dressing for the right occasion, well dressing our homes should be no different. How can we relax, cook and enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night if the kitchen table is covered in laptops, note pads and empty coffee mugs? When you have finished work for the day, clear all paraphernalia relating to it away and instead dress the space for your current activity - candles, flowers, crockery, draw the curtains and blinds and settle in for a relaxing time.

Make Storage Work for You

Something we all need more of in our homes is storage. How many of you have cupboards packed with bags of old clothes or piles of books stacked against the television? Having a place, or space for everything, makes a home far more functional and as a result more enjoyable. Purpose built storage is an extremely effective way of creating more space and utilises even the most awkward parts of our homes but if bespoke storage is not an option, there are many stylist freestanding solutions on the high street.

fireplace decor nursery playroom shelves shelf

Fight Darkness with Colour

Colour has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing, the right colour can completely alter the look and feel of a space and how we behave in it. Different colours and shades evoke different moods, therefore when choosing colours for a space think about how you want to feel when you are in it, for example bedrooms should promote rest with a calming, serene atmosphere whereas vibrant colours stimulate creativity and aid output, perfect for that 2024 home office! Add colour with blinds, curtains and cushions if you want an instant lift. We have a wide selection of beautifully colourful fabrics available to suit any mood.

By taking the time now to make your home a place of comfort this winter it should help see us into the new year with a smile and a huge mug of hot chocolate!

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