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Energy Saving Tips

To help you lower your bills, we’ve collated some energy saving tips so you can become more energy efficient and get more out of the energy you pay for. Being more energy efficient isn’t just about reducing your monthly bills though. The more energy you save, the fewer carbon emissions you emit that contribute to climate change. To reverse the effects of climate change, we need to start making everyday alterations that can make a difference to the planet. So, we’ve listed the best ways to conserve energy around your home, to help save on your energy bills but also save the planet. Win-win.

  1. Eco is the way forward. Switch to eco settings on your dishwasher or boiler. It will take a little longer but you’ll save energy and still get the same results.
  2. Say no to standby mode. Appliances on standby mode will continue to use electricity, switch off the plug to help save energy. Don’t stop there - - - unplugging your device once it’s fully charged can save energy and prolong battery life.
  3. Turn up the heat. Simply upgrading your heating system can save energy as they are more efficient at heating your home.
  4. Energy saving curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds are often overlooked as an investment that can help bring down your energy bills in the winter months. The great thing about made-to-measure curtains and blinds is that they are the perfect fit for your windows and can be tailored to include a lining of your choice, so can make a big difference in insulating your homes, keeping draughts out and your rooms warmer in the colder months.
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We’ve also worked with energy efficiency experts Kuppa to help raise awareness on how well-made curtains and blinds can instantly save you money on your heating bills. As households grapple with a big increase in electricity and gas bills, it may be a surprise that 27% of your yearly heating bill goes to make up for heat loss through windows - - - amounting to £1,099 p/a based on the average energy profile of a typical Victorian 3 bed home.

These heat map of a Roman Blind shows just how much well-fitted window apparel can affect heat loss, and therefore energy bills, in your home.

roman blind heat map lined roman blind

Do curtains save energy?

By drawing the curtains at dusk, the average UK house can reduce heat loss by 15-17%, therefore reducing demand for heating. In winter, you should draw your curtains earlier in the night, making sure that the curtains overlap in the middle. A curtain’s ability to reduce heat loss also depends on the fabric type. We recommend buying closed weave fabrics such as wool, flax and velvet as they perform the best in terms of heat retention. To reduce heat loss even more you could line your existing curtains with an insulating material, such as thermal or blackout lining. This is thought to reduce heat loss from windows by as much as 25%.