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aqua bedroom roman blind

Find Your Colour: Aqua

Somewhere between green and blue with refreshing qualities of sea and sky, use aqua in your home to create a room with timeless appeal and a calming feel. Here’s some handy tips on how to design a room with aqua - - - whether that’s through aqua paint, wallpaper, accessories or made to measure aqua curtains or made to measure aqua blinds!

Designing with aqua

Whether you’re looking to pair you’re curtain or blind with white walls like Farrow & Ball’s Wimbourne White or go ‘pop’ with  Ragwali pink, aqua will freshen up your scheme whether that is with softened airy tones like Cotton Twill in Mist or vibrant blues like Silk in Aqua.

aqua sample swatches aqua interior moodboard aqua and yellow sample swatches
aqua bedroom curtains aqua velvet curtains aqua cotton curtains

Turquoise or aqua tones inspire us to think of crystal clear waters and escaping the city. It is a rejuvenative colour that gives a relaxed and mellow feeling, perfect then perhaps for a bedroom interior. if you prefer a more cosy feel, use a slightly darker tone like Velvet in Teal to envelope a room like a warm hug. The best thing about using aqua in interiors is the vast array of shades it can be and the colours you can pair it with. From using aqua as a colour pop in accessories, to using it as the main colour for a feature wall, the possibilities with an aqua interior are endless! So get creative and let your personality shine though.

Get the look...

Refreshing, creative and luminous. Here are our top aqua fabric picks for your curtains and blinds.