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purple silk dining room curtains

Find Your Colour: Purple

Purple is the perfect colour for subtle, sophisticated or statement interiors. Ranging from lilac shades to deeper hues, we have over 10 eco-conscious fabrics for you to choose from for your next pair of purple made to measure curtains or purple made to measure blinds. Choosing complementary colours or accessories can be difficult with purple, so we’ve put together a few tips to help guide you when designing a room with purple.

Designing with purple

Strong and intense, dark purple works well as an accent colour. Curtains and blinds in deeper shades like Wool in Ripple and Flax in Vineyard will frame your windows beautifully and add a layer of texture to an otherwise neutral interior. Paler tones like lilac are delicate and cool and can be used in greater quantity, working well in bedrooms. For a more maximalist or cosy vibe, mix dark purple with olive greens for a rich, luxurious feeling space.

luna and lilac purple fabric sample swatch fabric samples swatches teal and aubergine sample fabrics

Purples complementary colour is yellow, so touches of gold look great against intense purple, as does a sharp lime green! If these feels too intense for your interior colour scheme, use purple as an accent colour instead. Dark purple curtains will add a cosy feel to a room so may work best paired with a white wall in bedrooms or living rooms. Alternatively, a statement neutral wallpaper looks great with a rich purple - - - demonstrated beautifully by Dress Like a Mum’s nursery styling!

purple nursery curtains purple nursery curtains purple nursery curtains

Get the look...

From imaginative to mysterious - - - here are our top purple fabric picks!