How Garden Rooms are Transforming the Way We Live

How many of us longed for that amazing tree house in the garden when we were younger? The endless possibilities and adventures it offered, the independence from your home and space from your family, well fast-forward to 2020 and the new garden ‘must have’ is a garden room.

This multifunctional space offers endless possibilities, I am sure there is even a tree-house home office of dreams to recreate those childhood memories if you look for it, although dialing into a team conference call 10 feet up-in-the-air is not for the faint hearted! 2020 might be remembered for many Covid related complications, but surely one of the main winners this year is the garden. Gardens have become the golden Willy-Wonka ticket, with so many social and outside restrictions in place, demand for properties with a garden or outdoor space has increased dramatically with 83% of surveyors in the UK anticipating increased demand for homes with gardens over the next two years. The garden offers respite from time inside, a link to nature, an energy release for kids, and an extension of our personal space, which is why garden rooms are more popular now than ever! A home office crammed with technology or a craft space bursting at the seams can make home life stressful, having space and time away from our daily focus is incredibly important for mental health, and garden rooms are stepping forward as the hero in this dilemma.

Any Space Will Do

Don’t be deterred by a small or awkwardly shaped space, garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate a modest or grand budget. There are so many adaptable solutions on the market for a garden room to fit any space, even the smallest area can have one. Shepherds Huts offer a quirky take on the garden room, and they can be picked up and taken with you to a new location if needed. Pool houses can be delivered flat packed and built within hours and mini pod offices, taking up only the smallest slice of space, are a godsend for busy home workers.

Multiple Functions, endless possibilities

Home office, school, yoga studio, dance space, gym, design studio, artist’s studio, kid’s hangout, garden pub, wellness room, the possibilities offered with a garden room are endless and most can be multifunctional. A space that is practical by day for study or work can have the curtains drawn, cushions plumped, and G&T poured by dusk! As working from home becomes the new normal, having a multifunctional space, away from the rest of the family has huge benefits. If the space needs to be used by multiple members of the family at different times, ensure you have enough storage to accommodate all the different elements. Lots of glorious light and sunshine might be desired by one user but not another, think about how to dress the space for multiple uses.

Finishing Touches

Dress your space to suit your needs, think curtains, cushions and throws to make the space cosy and inviting, polished wooden flooring for dance sessions or a bright white wall space and projector for garden movie night! Blinds for large picture windows and sheers to diffuse the light when sitting at the computer can make all the different. Take a look at our made to measure blinds or beautiful sheers to add instant interior impact to your garden room. Think about how you need the space to work and add plumbing, electrics, heating and lighting as required.

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