How to Create A Timeless Interior

Whether your home is new, old, decorated with family heirlooms or brand-new furniture, it’s important to create a timeless interior that is full of your personality.

Choose three continuous elements.

Depending on how you choose to decorate each room, there should be up to three consistent elements in a home that are continuous; whether they be the floors, ceilings or the finish of the doors. The cohesion is a comforting and a subconscious reminder of the house style which carries forward the tone from room to room.

Stick to a colour palette

When choosing colours, it’s important to understand how natural light affects space. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, a South facing room will have more sunlight all year round so the room can take cooler colours whilst North facing rooms would benefit from warmer tones. Whichever colours you choose, make sure there is a continuation from one room to another with little hints of what the next room has to offer in terms of colour. Our colour wheel should be able to give you a good idea of which colours work together.

Do you love it?

More than often, if you love something enough, you’ll love it for a while and it will work; you just have to figure out how the pieces of furniture sit together. A great way to ensure they sit pretty together is through the use of fabric and upholstery that compliment each other… Think colour, texture and pattern. Purchasing good quality items and recovering them in new fabric every few years can give the piece and the room a new lease on life.

Invest in Art

Don’t worry about mixing eras, genres and styles of art. If there are different pieces you think will go in a room, lean them up against the wall and live with them for a short time before hanging them. You’ll soon get a feel of which pieces work and which ones fight.

Go for a gilt-framed mirror

Golden gilt-framed mirrors can be bought as antiques or new to look like antiques. They look fantastic in both contemporary and traditional rooms and can be kept for years. They bring a sense of history and glamour to any space.

Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds

Dressing a window can be one of the most crucial elements of a room. A Made to measure curtain or made to measure blind gives a home the bespoke and well-designed look and feel. Window treatments and be bold and bright to breathe life and colour to your space or they can be soft and subtle to create calm. Whichever the material be it cotton, linen or velvet, find the right texture and colour that ties your whole room together. We find that single-colour curtains create the best timeless looks that are both practical and have the most longevity…they are also the easiest to design around.

Need help?

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