How to Decorate a Sun Room for all Year Use

We all need our daily dose of those suns rays, especially if you live in a county full of rainy days. One of our favourite rooms is a conservatory or sunroom which should be used all year round. Here are our top tips for decorating a sunroom.

Bring the Plants Indoors

Sunrooms are fabulous when used as breakfast rooms, dining rooms or additional sitting rooms however they are also perfect for those with green fingers. These conservatories are a perfect spot to house those plants that are afraid of the frost or require sunlight all-year around. It’s completely up to you to decide how much of a greenhouse or orangery you’d like your sunroom to seem!

Go big with the Glass

It might seem obvious that one should go big with the glass however, some sunrooms can have fewer windows than others. Most conservatory windows use Velux blinds. We have discovered that roller blinds are an alternative to other blinds that might block light even when opened as they hang over the glass when pulled up. Sheer or transparent roller blinds let the light in and give privacy whilst protecting you and your furniture from the glare. Another trick to make your sunroom seem more modern and industrial is to paint the frames a dark grey/black colour.

Shut it up

If you live in a tropical climate where it’s hot all year round, clever shutter designs will help protect your conservatory from the sun and rain whilst letting the cooling outdoor air circulate through the room.

Change the Floor

By using a different floor to the rest of the house, you really change the vibe of the sunroom. Wooden floors create a decking feel, concrete creates a contemporary feel whilst black and white checkers tiles give a timeless edge. Rugs on top of the hardwood flooring also soften the space. Sisal and grass rugs look particularly fantastic in these rooms.

Build a Banquette

Custom made or bespoke furniture to fit precisely in the space gives a wonderfully polished feel. It also allows to fully maximise on the space and provides extra storage to boot.

Sheer Lux

If you love the idea of a light-filled room all year around and are not concerned about blocking out the light, sheer blinds are a beautiful option for diffusing the sunlight. They can also create a gentle feel to the space without distracting from the architecture.

Blend in the Blinds

Treat the sunroom like any other room by adding custom made roman blinds. Choosing the same colour as the woodwork, they don’t take away from the view and blend in to allow the windows to shine. They also give a sense of security and warmth to vast expanses of glass. This is a great option for added privacy on the darker nights when people can see in.

Treat a Sunroom like Any Other

If you do find that you are living in the sunroom all year round and need to add comfort and warmth to space, why not opt-in for both blinds and custom-made curtains. By doing this, you change the sunroom into a more liveable room all year round. You can even use the space to house a library or even a TV room as the window treatments prevent the glare from the sun.

Get in touch with our team who can give your advice on the best way to dress your sunroom or conservatory.