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Refined Palette - How To Pick The Perfect Fabric For Your Home

Have you fallen into the “these will do for now” trap? Choosing curtains + blinds can be overwhelming. There’s so much to consider that often, we get so frustrated and fed up, that we just settle for anything that will cover the windows. At Stitched, we are committed to making these decisions and choices easier for you. With our AR (augmented reality) App you can see what your windows will look like with perfectly fitting, made to measure curtains.

With 13 sustainable fabric ranges and a wide range of colours, we have the perfect match for you. You can pick 8 free samples, so you know exactly what your new curtains will look and feel like.

Here are our easy tips to help you take the plunge and order the perfect curtains + blinds for your home.

What do you like?

You can scroll through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration until you’re blue in the face, but unless you know what you like, you will never find the perfect curtains. Think about items you’ve bought in the past because it was fashionable or you saw your favourite celeb wearing it… and then never wore it because it wasn’t you. This is even more true for your home, if it’s not your style, or you’re buying it because it looks good in a staged photo online, then it will never feel right.

Do you have pets?

Any pet owner will tell you that pets really make their mark on any home. Whether it’s scratched couches or gnawed furniture legs, our furry friends can destroy anything! Choose a fabric that won’t attract pet hair and won’t pull easily under playful claws. Avoid silk, velvet and sheers and instead choose a fabric with a tight weave like Revive, Cotton Twill or Wool.

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What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

Do you want a moody, dark and cosy cocoon or a light, bright and airy retreat? Heavier fabrics like our sumptuous Velvet or Wool are perfect for the former. Our sumptuous Silk or cotton or linen from our Nudes collection will help you to create the latter.

What other fabrics are already in the room?

Adding texture by introducing different types of fabrics in your room is crucial to creating a cohesive, interesting palette. Just don’t overdo one fabric, if you have a linen sofa, you can add a beautiful contrast with our Hemp and add some velvet throw cushions and a wool knit throw blanket and there you have a stunning, layered room.

Don’t forget about the little details

High ceilings, awkwardly placed windows, furniture placement… These are all little things that affect your choice of fabric. How will you open the curtains, on a pulley or by hand? If it’s by hand then you need to think about what fabric won’t show up hand prints or smudge easily. If they are on a pulley, we recommend a flexible, loose fabric that will settle into place easily. Are these curtains or blinds going to be used frequently or not so much? If they are going into a rarely used guest bedroom, choose a fabric that attracts less dust, for example our Upcycled Silk is a better choice than something like velvet.

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