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How to style your home inspired by Japandi

Japandi is very similar to the scandi home style that took over our Instagram feeds a few years ago. Both are focused on simplicity, comfort and natural elements. So if you’re a minimalist or a fan of minimalist interiors, this new way of styling is for you.

neutral bedroom styling neutral bedroom roman blinds

Why Japandi? We love this interior style as it focuses on beautiful craftsmanship and functionality rather than cheap, throw away pieces. As the world looks for more eco-conscious design and a focus on where and how products are made, investing in Japandi style decor is the perfect starting point to creating a more sustainable home. Think bright spaces, light colours, clean lines and absolutely no polyester.

Where to start? With emerging trends, it’s easy to throw away old items and start again - especially going into a new year. However, this goes against everything Japandi stands for and we don’t want to encourage that! If there are some items in your home that have grown tired, think about donating them to a charity shop or using one of the many resell sites that are at our fingertips - - - Vinted or Facebook Marketplace are good places to start. It’s also easier than ever to start upcycling yourself. Give an old chest of drawers a lick of neutral paint, like this shade from COAT, or shuffle around existing items and give them a new home in a new room. That old living room rug could look great in the spare bedroom!

neutral nursery curtains neutral living room styling

What should I invest in? Light, natural coloured furniture and soft furnishings will create a Japandi feel - especially in rooms that get lots of sunlight. Investing in a good quality bookshelf or coffee table will not only give you a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time, but will also allow you to switch up the decor used to style them. Swap over coffee table books, candles and lighting for a quick, eco-friendly refresh.

Choosing a neutral fabric for your window apparel is also a good way to switch up your interior decor. Choosing a natural textured fabric in a neutral colour, such as our Nudes collection or one of our 100% Linens, will give you the Japandi style. Take a look at our Fabric of the Year for 2023 The Nudes, Vintage Oatmeal - a classic, timeless fabric that will also suit a new interior when you want a refresh in a few years

Is there any colour in a Japandi style home? You can be inspired by Japnandi, but put your own twist on it - no two homes should ever be the same! Maybe take the quality craftsmanship and simplicity aspect of this style, but introduce some colour in any way that reflects your personal taste. Adding some greenery through plants and foliage is a great way to add depth in this typically neutral palette.