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double layered bedroom curtains

Why choose double layered curtains and blinds for your windows?

When designing and creating our dream home, we all strive for lots of natural light filtering in. But lots of light also brings a lack of privacy and as the days get longer, too much light in the evenings or early mornings. Unless you’re an early riser and a midnight owl, this can make it difficult to get your 8 hours of beauty sleep. Made to measure double layered curtains or even made to measure double layered blinds, might be just what you need to create harmony between light and dark. Here are our top tips for layering curtains and blinds.

Double layered curtains

Double layered curtains are an increasingly popular window dressing style for modern homes. This style consists of two individual curtains - - - one sheer (also called voile or net curtains), and one thicker, more textured, lined fabric. Both curtains hang on a double pole or track. The sheer layer allows natural light to filter through whilst maintaining privacy during the day and the opaque layer, especially with a thermal lining, will trap heat inside the room which can help reduce heating costs and keep your home warm and cosy.

The level of privacy and blackout that double layered curtains create makes them ideal for bedrooms and are particularly useful for homeowners who live in busy neighbourhoods or near streetlights. Additionally, the sheer layer helps to diffuse sunlight, reducing glare and preventing UV rays from fading furniture and decor.

Let’s not forget all the colours, patterns and styles available making them a versatile option for any interior scheme. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic, there is a double layered curtain design that can complement your home décor. Some popular styles include minimalist white sheer curtains paired with neutral-toned blackout curtains, or why not go for a bold colour or pattern to make a statement?

What about double layered blinds?

If you have limited space around your window that may not allow for double layered curtain stack-back, why not consider double layered blinds? If you’re lucky enough to have a recessed window, double layered blinds can offer an elegant, yet functional, style to any room. They combine the benefits of two types of window apparel - - - sheer rollers and lined curtains, or sheer rollers and lined roman blinds.

Sheer roller blinds installed inside the recess provide a soft and diffused light, which is ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also provide privacy whilst still allowing you to see outside. Combining these with blackout roman blinds or lined curtains, installed outside the recess, creates the perfect combination for privacy during the day and blocking out light completely at night time. The best of both worlds!

This type of double layered window apparel is especially useful in bedrooms where you may want to sleep in complete darkness, but still want to enjoy some natural light during the day. Another benefit of double-layered blinds, similar to curtains, is the added insulation, which can help to reduce your energy bills.

double layered curtains and blinds double layered blinds

Our top picks for double layered window apparel

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