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Layering with interiors

We’ve all been in the kind of spaces that instantly feel like home. Spaces where the eye is drawn all around the room, trying to take in as much detail as possible. These are the kind of interiors that we want to recreate in our own homes - - - they effortlessly ooze the perfectly stylish, lived in balance we all strive for. The key to the success of these types of interiors is layering. Layering is one of many tricks used by designers and stylists to create compelling and unique schemes, layering fabrics, accessories, styles (antiques and modern) and finishes. When we talk about layering in interiors it can be difficult to know where to start. Too many layers can look messy, too few and the space will lack warmth and personality. Here we are going to break down some simple techniques to help you decide when to layer fabrics and how.

Start layering your interiors...

Layering curtains and blinds is a super easy way to start using this technique in your home. So order some free samples and get designing!