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The Stitched Guide to Lining

What’s the difference between lining, interlining and bonded lining? Unless you’re a window apparel expert, the world of lining for curtains and blinds can be a minefield. So here’s everything you need to know about lining in the Stitched Lining Guide for your made to measure curtains and made to measure blinds



When keeping light out or heat in isn’t a priority, the simplest (and cheapest!) option is to have your curtains or blinds made in your chosen fabric and leave them unlined. This allows the texture and drape of the fabric to speak for itself. Some of our fabrics work better than others unlined though. Our wool curtains and flax curtains work well unlined as they are a thicker, heavier fabric that hang well on their own. Our Sleep range is already made with a blackout lining so doesn’t need it adding on!


Lining your curtains or blinds helps them stay in shape, keeps rooms warmer and protects your fabric from sunlight. A high-quality ivory cotton lining is stitched to the back of your chosen fabric before your curtains or blinds are made. Adding this simple lining option makes your curtains feel thicker and more luxurious.

Blackout Lined

Ideal for the bedroom, blackout lining keeps the early morning light at bay and ensures a good night’s sleep. An ivory blackout lining is stitched to the back of your fabric before your curtains or blinds are made. Like the traditional lining option, blackout lined curtains and blinds hold their shape better and feel more luxurious. Practical and stylish!

Interlined (curtains only)

Good for old, draughty windows, interlining gives your curtains a plump, luxurious look. A thick, padded lining is stitched between your fabric and the cotton lining before your curtains are made. Ideal for fabrics like silk which are typically a thinner fabric, interlining keeps the heat in and the cold out during winter months. If you want this feel for your roman blinds, we suggest going for a bonded lining.

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Interlined Blackout (curtains only)

This has the same benefits as interlining, but with added blackout! Blackout Interlining is a great option for older windows that are drafty and perfect for bedrooms to keep sunlight and city street lights at bay during the evening. This gives your chosen curtain or blind fabric the ultimate luxurious feel as the window apparel is super soft and plump.

Bonded (blinds only)

Ideal for large windows, and good for keeping the warmth in and the cold out, we stitch a thicker, fleecier lining to the back of your fabric for a more sumptuous look on your roman blind. This protects the fabric from sunlight (as all of our lining options do!) and keeps the roman blind feeling luxurious and in perfect shape. Choose interlining if you want this style for your curtains.

Bonded Blackout (blinds only)

We use a similar fleecy lining as we do for regular bonded roman blind lining, but add an ivory blackout fabric too. As regular blackout lining for curtains is great for keeping light out of bedrooms, this does the same for roman blinds.

Thermal Lined

Ideal for older properties which may feel draughty, thermal lining will help keep the heat in and cold out. We stitch a lining with a thermal backed coating to the back of your chosen fabric leaving it feeling luxuriously thick. This lining has been proven to help with the cost of energy bills by stopping as much heat escaping through your windows. An investment worth making!

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