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Making the most of your windows

More often than not, windows are one of the most appealing features of any home with their framed views of the outdoors. They are, however, frequently overlooked as practical spaces that also serve as storage solutions or transform into a function that doesn’t just focus on letting the light in. Here’s how to make the most of your windows.

Storage below your window

Why not enhance your windows by building in cupboards or shelves below the window sill? You can create a sleek look by building the cupboards in a lovely wood to match the colour and texture of the rest of the window. You’ll also have the added bonus of a larger window sill and some useful extra storage for the room!

Best of both worlds

A window seat is also a fabulous way to create additional storage and seating. If you have a banquette with storage below built, you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll never know about all the unsightly stuff hidden below. Don’t forget to have custom made blinds or soft cushions designed for the window seat to further add to the cosy feel.

window with storage bench stitched home shelving

Think in between

So you have great windows and high ceilings, but no shelves to store and showcase your homewares? By mounting or building in shelves beside your windows, not only do you solve your storage problem, but you create a wonderfully dramatic wall, worthy enough for a ‘shelfie’.

Up in the eves

Attic rooms call for skylights with their closest unobstructed access to light. Often, the skylights are positioned in the slants of the rooves which can prove to be quite awkward when thinking about using the attic room as a liveable space. Getting a great joiner will prove to be worth every penny as you can have built-in cupboards, drawers and shelves to ensure all the inaccessible areas are fully functional. You wouldn’t want to be bumping your head!

Work at the window

When it comes to working from home, natural light is key so why not have a desk at the window! If you make it sleek enough by using a single plank of wood, you can treat it like a focal point for your prized possession to sit on. When you need to use it to work from, you can always bring over a chair from another part of the room. Placing a table below a window in a bedroom can also serve as a dressing table. We all know how important natural light is when putting on make-up.

home office space with made to measure curtains home office space with made to measure blind

Short on space but not on style

When you’ve got a smaller home and lack desk space, having a drop-leaf surface can make a difference in your home. An actual drop-leaf table can be placed below the window alternatively, a plank of wood hung on hinges can be easy to install and paint. In a smaller kitchen or studio flat, drop-leafed tables can save the day in ensuring you have somewhere to eat from. Smaller stools that can also serve as side-tables in your living area can be used as chairs when the dropleaf table is in use.

Windows are not be overlooked! Think about how you can use them to their fullest potential and create a home and view that works for you.

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