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Modern Interiors

Clean and crisp with a sleek colour palette, modern interiors are timeless due to their neutral style and tasteful decoration. Metal, glass and steel are all common with a polished modern look and these materials can also be used to add an industrial or mid-century feel to your interior, giving you the freedom to be creative with your decor.

A modern interior refers to a style of interior design that is characterised by clean lines, simplicity and a focus on functionality. It often incorporates a minimalist approach with open spaces and a sense of airiness. Think white or neutral walls with a pop of colour through curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.

Choosing a modern interior also gives you the freedom to add some smart tech into your home. We have recently launched motorised curtains and blinds. A discreet motor is attached to your window apparel giving you the ability to control the opening and closing of your curtains and blinds with a touch of a button. Sound good? Learn more about our motorised curtains and blinds here.

If you’re not a fan of ornate or intricate details on furniture, then a modern interior is for you. Modern interiors emphasise clean, straight lines in furniture, architectural elements, and decor and embrace a minimalist philosophy; keeping spaces uncluttered and free of unnecessary decorations. Open plan rooms and natural materials are often associated with this interior style to create a sense of fluidity and calm. Natural light is also an important feature, so choosing made to measure curtains with stack back is a good idea so your windows aren’t blocked by fabric. Alternatively, to crate more clean lines, a roman blind fitted outside the recess will allow as much natural light to come in through the window as possible as it stacks away neatly above it.

modern open plan living and dining room modern style neutral bedroom

Create a modern scheme

With natural materials being a key feature in modern interiors, we suggest choosing fabric samples in silk, velvet and recycled materials for your curtains and blinds.